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Post by Eorl @ 10:20am 08/01/14 | 9 Comments
During the early hours of the morning Sony has revealed at CES 2014 that their newly released PlayStation 4 console has now sold through to consumers a whopping 4.2 million since launching late last year.

This news comes hot on the heels of Microsoft's early announcement yesterday morning that their Xbox One had sold through to customers more than 3 million consoles to date since launching on November 22nd in 13 countries. Compare this to Sony's launch on November 15th for America and November 29th for all other countries including Australia and it looks like this gen is going to be quite a close race.

It wasn't just console numbers that Sony threw around at the event, revealing that they have shifted 9.7 million units of PlayStation 4 software since the launch, averaging out at about two games per platform. The PlayStation Plus subscription - which is now mandatory for online gaming besides free-to-play titles - also saw an increase of more than 90 percent since the launch, something Sony are definitely proud of.

PlayStation 4 users are also apparently taking a liking to video-streaming service, with more than 1.7 million gameplay broadcasts streamed from the console. According to Twitch, 20 per cent of its broadcasts between 23rd December and 3rd January emanated from that platform.

"Based on our success with PlayStation 4, which currently represents twenty percent of our broadcaster base, our vision was on the mark," said Twitch's VP of marketing Matthew DiPietro. "We envision a day when broadcasting your gameplay is a ubiquitous piece of the gaming experience. We're well on our way."

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:37am 08/1/14
These figures for both systems are great for the next (current) gen. Who said gaming was dying eh

I'll probably eventually pick up a PS4 at some point once they are more prevalent and it actually has games worth playing on it...hell, before the gen is done, I'll probably own both again
Posted 12:18pm 08/1/14
I'll be waiting until someone releases a KB/mouse adapter similar to what was released on the xbox/ps3.
Posted 12:52pm 08/1/14
If you want a keyboard and mouse, why not just hook a PC up to the tv? Keyboard and mouse doesn't really bring much to a console imo.
Posted 01:05pm 08/1/14
Lol, I have comp hooked up to Tv and usually use a controller to play (depending on game).
Posted 01:41pm 08/1/14
Already done Khel, but theres a few console only titles i want to play, but i dont want to derp around with a controller. It's frustrating to aim with one.
Posted 01:43pm 08/1/14
the game has to support kb & mouse, not just the console.
Posted 01:48pm 08/1/14
If it's only for a few games to play through the storyline just use the controller; half the time they are dumbed down for controllers with auto aim etc
Posted 03:01pm 08/1/14
Who said gaming was dying eh

I'm not sure anyone has said that..
Posted 05:03pm 08/1/14

I'm not sure anyone has said that..

Maybe not here...but I've seen the 'we're heading into another gaming crash" sentiment echoed on quite a few forums over the past couple of years. People getting sick of the same genres being beaten to death, Free to play / pay to win, DLC, etc etc

But these sales figures suggest we are far from it
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