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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:49am 06/01/14 | 8 Comments
AusGamers' very own Kosta "Toadovsky" Andreadis has been running Diablo III: Reaper of Souls through its closed beta paces for the past few weeks to talk, at segmented length, about what Blizzard has altered for the forthcoming expansion.

In part one of a hands-on diary series, Kosta took a look at the heavily-touted "Loot 2.0" and what exactly has changed here over the game's original release, and whether or not it's for the good of the game (spoiler: it is - Ed.).

Click here for his full rundown on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls' loot 2.0 shift and feel free to let us know what you'd like him to focus on next in the Comments section.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:11pm 06/1/14
Strangely I do not find the drop rate of legendry items the issue currently on PC, it is the fact that as you mentioned, 99% of them are useless to my build. I primarily play my Paragon 26 DH on PC and will normally get one Legendry drop every play session over a couple of hours. I have started a Barb on PS3 to move over to PS4 eventually and the drops are definitely more frequent than PC as we all know.

Is it fair to say ROS Loot 2.0 drops will reflect those I am seeing on console or is it a different loot system again?

As you mentioned I do not want to see the drop of Legendries become too common though. I like the grind personally and to get a decent useful drop occasionally for me is better than an overkill of drops. Balance is the key as stated.

By the way, BOA is confirmed yes? I have no issue with this at all.

Also, are the Boss drops guaranteed to be a higher quality Legendry than one that could drop randomly from mobs or is it just that a drop IS guaranteed?

Thanks for the ROS updates. I look forward to the next one.
Posted 01:18pm 06/1/14
*edit* My main is a WD not DH.

What the hell was I thinking? lol.
Posted 02:20pm 06/1/14
Thanks ice

Yeh, the legendary items are bound to your account in the beta, which makes sense when they tend to roll stats based around your character class (for the most part).

As for the boss drops, that was in reference to them being of higher quality than any of your currently equipped counterparts which rings true for all boss battles up to level 60-70. As endgame content is very different from the current game this will be covered in another write-up.
Posted 03:35pm 06/1/14
Binding items to accounts seems so counter active to encouraging player to player trading though. Currently the ONLY way to trade is if a player was in the same game as you to when the item dropped. This means If I find an awesome item for a friend but I was playing alone at the time I cannot trade it to them.

Loot 2.0 is alot better over the current system but I'm still worried they haven't been as relaxed as they should be on the binding stuff. They are still trying to cover their asses from 3rd party trading sites.

Also they are have greatly reduced the drop rates of legendaries and its fairly rare to see them which I'm perfectly fine with, IF THEY WEREN'T BOA!
Posted 11:23pm 07/1/14
I love the 'feel' of abilities and art direction of D3 so much yet it is such an unsatisfying and tedious grind to play after getting a barb and wd to 60. (I've never even finished inferno, pretty much gave up a couple weeks after release despite act1 being easy on my never-ending bear charge bulls*** wd).

Been playing path of exile for the first time today, part way through act2 now. Initial impression is that a lot of the complexity results from obfuscation, however, there is a lot to be said for NOT streamlining the s*** out of your game so that everything can be easily setup with a controller. (or slightly less tin foil hat - because its been polished so hard all the interesting rough edges have been buffed out) It really feels like grinding gear knew that the player base as a whole will be more inventive than a few devs, so they designed to encourage pretty deep customization. Blizzard seemed to think they knew best how to direct customization and really limited what the player could do. Playing POE feels like f*****g around with a class creation toolkit with treadmill instead of a set of classes you can pick from at the start... which is scary for a new player but you can see how people can still be playing POE whereas D3 is dead.
Posted 07:24am 09/1/14
Qmass, D3 is not dead mate. The forums are filled with thousands of people hating on it. Everyone one else is actually in game playing it. ROS is a huge step in the right direction for D3 and Blizzard will always attract a massive player base something the likes of POE will never see (I'm not bashing GGG either it's a solid game).
Posted 09:18am 09/1/14
Does all that added complexity in PoE actually translate into more viable choices though? Or does it just mean theres a lot more bad or gimped builds and choices possible, but everyone still just uses the same min/maxed cookie cutter builds anyway? Because thats usually what those systems turn into. I haven't played PoE so if they've managed to avoid that, then kudos to them, but often its just an illusion of choice, not actual interesting choices.
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