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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:05am 06/01/14 | 11 Comments
Happy New Year AusGamers. We're officially back in the office from today, kicking off 2014 proper with the trickles of news that are beginning to leak back out into the wide world after most people's breaks have come to an end.

We have a lot on the burner for this year, and want to include our community in our day to day more than ever. Your feedback thus far for recommendations and ideas for the site overhaul have been amazing and we only hope to get similar constructive feedback as the year moves forward -- so a big thanks to you all for not only remaining active on the site, but for supporting us whether it's been for years, or even just a few days.

So, from here on out it's business as usual and we'll be throwing more and more unique content your way starting very soon. Hope you and yours had an excellent break -- we're stoked to be back.

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Posted 10:14am 06/1/14
Welcome back all. Hope you all had an awesome time away. Looking forward to an amazing year for gaming in 2014. Plenty of ROS coverage please :)
Posted 10:20am 06/1/14
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:01am 06/1/14
Ice9ine, ask and you shall receive - stand by
Posted 12:28pm 06/1/14
Nice! Reading now, cheers.
Posted 02:06pm 06/1/14
oh steve, please have a scotch before going past page three of the feedback thread, call it my helpful tip
Posted 03:47pm 06/1/14
oh be nice copuis.Stop being a drama Llama.

In my recent factory farm / animal abuse thread there was conflict and i kept posting on topic but people kept coming in just to comment on the conflict. Go take a look at that thread after page 3 and have a scotch.

its not like conflict between posters didnt exist on AG before GA people arrived. Its not like it isnt going on between AG regulars right now in various threads. right now.

And another thing: Half the time all the people jumping in to complain/ comment/ gloat/ revel in the conflict are as much as a distraction. We are human. We have conflict. Its not that bad.

Maybe its best not to make too big a deal out of conflict. If you see it in a thread and want to get involved / mediate or add your 2 cents do so but if you dont want to be involved then just dont post anything about it just post on topic - especially not "omg you guys are fighting please stop fighting". That isnt helpful.

and i for one welcome (back) our admin overlords
Posted 03:56pm 06/1/14
Welcome back, cant wait for the forum upgrades
Posted 04:31pm 06/1/14
oh steve, please have a scotch before going past page three of the feedback thread, call it my helpful tip

In before cr... nevermind.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:46pm 06/1/14
Heh, okay thanks for the heads up. I'll be weary.

We've already had a crack at implementing the author transparency request today though - hopefully it'll help in terms of relateability and just knowing a bit more about the person whose work you're reading.

At the base of this feature: http://www.ausgamers.com/features/read/3398554
Posted 06:13pm 06/1/14
inb4 everyone who posted in the suggestion thread gets banned
Posted 06:43pm 06/1/14
inb4 everyone who posted in the suggestion thread gets banned

Hope not, you're in there 8 times. They'll ban ya 8 times before ya even hit the ground. Ya.

This Loot 2.0 thing actually looks interesting. Might play the game again soon. It was reeeeeallllly bad with the AH. I boycotted.
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