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Post by Dan @ 11:36am 20/12/13 | 18 Comments
EA Mythic's MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has now officially shutdown after five years of service, closing its doors to the last players overnight. The announcement had been made back in September, with subscriptions being removed and new player registration being disabled to allow dedicated players a graceful goodbye.

The game's former producer Josh Descher has posted a frank goodbye on his personal blog, with careful words once again indicating that the product suffered from a great deal of internal conflict:
I’m not going to waste time picking at old wounds or attempting to offer a post-mortem commentary on “what happened”. There’s been tons of gossip and speculation and smug armchair game design (and project management) in the years since it launched. Some small bits of it have been on-target. Most of it is uninformed BS. It will be up to people well above my pay grade to decide if the “real story” ever gets told, but in the meantime I will say this:

We were proud of and confident in the game we launched. We knew it had enormous potential. We knew it had been well-built and crafted with care and affection by hundreds of developers. We knew that those developers spent YEARS of their lives, giving it their all to make sure that WAR would be everywhere and enjoyed across the globe.


As a final note, I wanted to touch on the folks whose post-WAR experiences haven’t been entirely rosy. I don’t want to gloss over the real human cost of the project’s failure to become a blockbuster, because that’s a very real part of the story as well. I realize that not everyone was able to transition to new and better things, at least not within our industry. There were a large number of people who simply decided they couldn’t put their families through the stress of the game development “lifestyle” anymore. For those folks, I totally get it and wish them well. But there were also plenty of people who left the team and were never able to find a new industry gig. That, to me, is a tragic waste of talent and experience and potential. I hope that everyone who worked on WAR is aware that – for all of the bumps and bruises we endured after it launched – the work they did is held in high regard across our industry.
Forthcoming crowdfunded project Camelot Unchained is widely considered to be the closest thing to a successor for WAR, with developer City State Entertainment being led by Mythic founder Mark Jacobs with a team padded out by many Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot veterans.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:42am 20/12/13
Never played it although i would have liked to give it a crack. Its a real shame the game didnt do better.
Posted 12:20pm 20/12/13
I got the collectors edition. It came in a cool box with a book, if anyone wants that, they can have it.
Posted 12:40pm 20/12/13
I got the collectors edition.

me too. i only played the game for a couple of months :(

i blame EA for destroying the game before it was even released.

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Posted 12:46pm 20/12/13
It had so much potential, even local servers. But, it died pretty fast.
Posted 01:06pm 20/12/13
Heh I got the collector's edition as well, though purely for the fluff. Was a great game, the pvp was the best I've ever played in an mmo. Only problem was the gigantic bugfest.
Posted 01:22pm 20/12/13
Yeah I really enjoyed this game when it was released it's such a shame it's no longer around
Posted 01:33pm 20/12/13
Was a great game, the pvp was the best I've ever played in an mmo.

their previous game DAoC, was better.
Posted 03:17pm 20/12/13
I enjoyed it for a few months when it came out.
Posted 03:23pm 20/12/13
Wasn't this the "WoW killer"?

Seems it failed..WoW is still here....eeeuuuuu
Posted 03:32pm 20/12/13
Best mmo i ever played
Posted 09:47pm 20/12/13
People who didn't play the first year will never understand how close WAR came to true greatness.
Posted 12:05am 21/12/13
people played it after the first year?
Posted 12:27am 21/12/13
After the first year they ditched to Australian servers. Also player population was WAY down and you no longer got those epic weekend-long server fights pushing for fortress and city sieges.

I'm just saying that in those early high population times you could really see the game's potential, had it been managed well and had they focused on polishing and completing the promised content.
Posted 09:28am 21/12/13
yeh I often thought if they'd spent more time catering to the wow pve crowd by providing scripted raid bosses that cough up juicy loot, they'd have had a better chance of attracting and keeping a solid subscription base, nice bread and butter to fund the pvp aspect of the game
Posted 07:59am 21/12/13
That was the major problem, while PVP was amazing and a great part to play, the actual levelling and PVE was atrocious. Very repetitive quests, zones, so many bugs that just stopped you in your tracks and just a lack of things to do after cap.

While I thoroughly enjoyed WAR's PVP, the PVE was something that felt behind in development, which was alright for me because I used WAR as my go-to PVP get, but for an MMO to survive you need things other than battlegrounds and singing to survive.
Posted 08:46am 22/12/13
My favorite mmo rip
Posted 09:15am 22/12/13
Can't believe it went this long. PVP was a horrible pointless grind. No consequence, no point...roll the dice and then rinse and repeat.
Posted 09:22am 22/12/13

No consequence, no point.

Like most MMO's, WoW being one of them.
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