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Post by Eorl @ 10:59am 18/12/13 | 2 Comments
To some it may have come later than anticipated, but Dean "Rocket" Hall's ever-popular DayZ Mod turned standalone title has now surpassed a whopping 170,000 copies since launching yesterday morning on Steam Early Access at a price point of $29.99.

The new stats were announced by developer Bohemia's CEO Marek Spanel on his blog, where he also outlined that the bug squashing and hard work ahead has only just begun for the Bohemia Interactive team. The team are already hard at work on a new patch, which you can check out in full over here but some of the more interesting changes include the ability to open cans with sharp objects like knives, additional bug fixing and loot spawn fixes.

Originally launched as mod for Bohemia Interactive's military simulator ArmA 2, DayZ has gone on to be quite a force in the PC gaming world, with the mod topping more than 1 million unique players since its inception. The game is now available as an Early Access Alpha on Steam, with fair warning that you will almost certainly encounter bugs and unkempt content while venturing through Chernarus 2.0, however from my own personal adventures last night it is most definitely worth the trouble to once again experience those adrenaline pumping moments reminiscent of the DayZ Mod.

Let us know your thoughts on the game so far and what adventures you've had in the comments below.

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Posted 04:54pm 18/12/13
Tried it for the first time last night. Im a DayZ newbie so havent got a clue of key bindings, gameplay etc. Had a little trouble with the mouse sensitivity, even after messing with bar, just moving the mouse slightly swung the whole screen around, also made getting thru doors a bit harder. Someone else spawned in my location which made it interesting, I wasnt too sure what to expect. We just ignored each other and searched the houses :-) Now Im busy watching youtube videos and ready wiki's.
Posted 04:56pm 18/12/13
*reading wiki's.
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