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Post by Dan @ 11:19am 16/12/13 | 3 Comments
Sparing no expense and overcoming some significant regulatory hurdles, Electronic Arts Australia is now using an actual tank to promote its flagship shooter Battlefield 4.

Referred to as the Battlefield 4 Armoured Division, the decommissioned military vehicle been kitted out with 6 high-performance gaming PC stations, in partnership with custom PC retailer Origin PC, which EA will be rolling around the country to demo Battlefield 4 at expos and . It was reportedly acquired from Russia, and while we're told it's still drivable (under intensely strict conditions), the weapons systems are presumably no longer functional.

EA will be touring Australia throughout 2014 to promote Battlefield 4 and it's five scheduled DLC expansions China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand.

No specific dates and places for its public appearances have been confirmed yet, but will likely appear on this official page over at originpc.com.au.

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Posted 02:59pm 16/12/13
If only they spent my money getting my game fixed...
Posted 03:39pm 16/12/13
tank will probably cras**
Posted 08:20pm 16/12/13
No such thing as an "LAN party" when you're forced to connect through internet. They better fix the damn problems.
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