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Post by Dan @ 04:24pm 14/12/13 | 10 Comments
After Valve released v1.0 (Alchemist) of its Linux-based SteamOS this morning, we managed to take a quick look and give a brief roadtest. As the developer has repeatedly cautioned, it is very much beta and a work-in-progress, so features are pretty thin on the ground at this early stage.

We did have encounter a few hurdles trying to navigate the rather limited hardware requirements of this initial build, but managed to get it up and running, playing several games, supporting a wired Xbox 360 controller, with audio and other system devices working surprisingly well out of the box.

By default, the SteamOS system boots directly into the Steam Client, which is both visually and functionally very similar to Steam's Big Picture mode on Windows, with some additional OS hooks. If you then enable the option to exit to the desktop, you can quit the client and drop out to a traditional Gnome Desktop Environment. To save yourself the hassle of navigating the install process to see a brand new bare-bones operating system, check out this pair of videos we captured of the current SteamOS user interface experience below.

If you do still want to download it yourself, you can find out local download links here in this post.

Download SteamOS "SteamOS v1.0 Steam Client" Direct Feed Video

Download SteamOS "SteamOS v1.0 Desktop" Direct Feed Video

A an added bonus, click the thumbs below for three wallpaper-sized images found within the debut build of SteamOS. The first one is the default wallpaper in the SteamOS desktop environment, the second the splash screen seen during boot, and the third is from the installer.

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Posted 09:55pm 14/12/13
Looking pretty sleek
Some Fat Bastard
Posted 12:20am 15/12/13
Posted 01:53am 15/12/13
Posted 04:47am 15/12/13
And lo, the first words of the apocalypse were "dull" and "boring", as those who knew not what they gazed upon spake out in their ignorance
Posted 11:01am 15/12/13
FINALLY all my windows games oh Linux. Oh wait, no? nevermind.....
Posted 11:07am 15/12/13
More excited about the steam machines. But this obviously has great potential. Just needs more linux games.
Posted 11:46am 15/12/13
Recommend me streaming gaming PC. Recommend me Steam Receiver PC
Posted 12:03pm 15/12/13
Recommend me streaming gaming PC. Recommend me Steam Receiver PC

that is easy really,
streaming PC, any newer gaming PC
receiver PC, you older gaming PC that you replaced with you new one

I at least think that this is the idea down the road
Posted 12:17pm 15/12/13
fkn lol, it was a continuation of the joke above..
Posted 01:33pm 15/12/13
I think its great idea, i have HTPC and willing to convert to steamOS just need plex plug n :)
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