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Alien: Isolation developer The Creative Assembly has been quiet on the project for some time now, but recently two art assets were leaked online, sending the Internet into a haze trying to uncover just what exactly to expect. Now four new screenshots have found their way online.

These four new images were apparently leaked through Twitter, with Eurogamer confirming their validity however Sega is refusing to comment on the leaks. Currently nothing official has ever been said on the game, though it is being reported that it will revolve around Amanda Ripley, daughter of the Ellen Ripley, who was famously played by Sigourney Weaver in the movies.

Earlier in October Kotaku reported that the game is still in development, and supposedly a first-person shooter "that uses both stealth and horror elements; and it's inspired by games like Dishonored and Bioshock." The game is said to be coming to both past-gen and new-gen consoles (presumably PC as well) sometime next year. Check out the shots below.

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Posted 01:31am 15/12/13
I wouldn't presume anything about the PC, lower class citizens that we are.
Posted 05:12am 15/12/13
Can't possibly fail harder than Colonial Marines :P
Posted 07:45am 16/12/13
Can't possibly fail harder than Colonial Marines :P

Heh, I picked this up for $20 the other night thinking to myself 'I'm a pretty big Alien fan and what to play the game, how bad can it be?'

40minutes into the game I now understand

I'm all for an Alien game but unsure how this will work around her daughter considering from what was said in the movies she lived a normal life and died of old age so unless she went on some mission to discover where her mother went?
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