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Post by Eorl @ 05:06pm 12/12/13 | 7 Comments
Call of Duty: Ghosts creator Infinity Ward has revealed that those who may be sick of their doggy companion now have the option to change skins for the multiplayer killstreak, at a price of course.

Coming in at a whopping $2, the new skin changes the fluffy fido companion that you receive after hitting the required killstreak in multiplayer matches into a snarling wolf ready to snap at your enemies bones like dust. Note that this is only a cosmetic change, and will most likely not get you any real world wolves sadly.

The DLC will be available starting tomorrow on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, though presumably this is just a timed DLC exclusive so we'll have word on when its available elsewhere. If the idea of having a wolf at your command wasn't enough, check out the video over at Call of Duty's Instagram channel.

call of duty: ghostsdlcdog goes wolf
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Latest Comments
Posted 05:34pm 12/12/13
Developers or Publishers I'm not sure who gets the money but $2 isn't much to people but if half the CoD:Ghosts player base bought this thats some easy coin for them
Posted 06:02pm 12/12/13
lol, Horse Armour eat your heart out.
Posted 06:07pm 12/12/13
Yeah, i swear DLC is the new way to make f***tonnes of cash off your fan boys.
Posted 06:12pm 12/12/13
Which is fine if you ask me. Just realise that your dlc will sell to soooo many c****, not even fan boys, if you price it cheaply. (I speak of other examples, not a skin replacement for two bucks..)

Back on topic, what a f***** joke. next they will charge two bucks for every camo change on your guns.
Posted 06:53pm 12/12/13
Expensive to make DLC sure, charge away, but stupid superficial s*** like this probably takes f*** all time to do yet they will likely make millions from the fees.

I suppose people can spend their money however they like, but as you said, where will it stop. COD 4 + 5 had free map packs and its fallen a long way since then.
Posted 08:08pm 12/12/13
They already have charged for cameo skins Enska, in Black Ops 2.
Posted 06:54am 13/12/13
Well at least its reasonably priced I guess. Helps keep them a job until their next thing.
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