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Post by Eorl @ 10:36am 10/12/13 | 9 Comments
One of the more ambitious games to come out of Sunday morning's VGX awards (formerly known as SpikeTV VGAs) was the reveal of No Man's Sky, an open-universe sci-fi adventure title being developed UK-based indie studio Hello Games.

With a promise of everything being procedurally generated from the planets to the aliens inhabiting those planets, the team at Hello Games has offered up a large amount information strewn across a handful of previews that we've gathered together for your convenience.

In interviews with various websites, the devs at Hello have mentioned that players will be starting at the edge of space heading to the center of the galaxy. While you may be venturing into space by yourself, players will be able to interact through certain design choices that could cause good or bad ripple effects.
There is a universe to explore. Every planet and every star-system in the game is created procedurally, but they all make sense and have ecology. Once they are discovered by one player, they exist for everyone else, and so the act of discovery is also an act of creation. Having said that, according to Murray, players can make significant changes to the places that they visit that endure for everyone else.
"So if you were stood on a mountain and you can see a tree three miles away you can go and you can walk and you can see that tree and what's under it," Murray tells me. "But also if you look into the sky and you see that classic science fiction crescent planet on the horizon, you can go there as well. And if you see a star that's in the sky, given enough time you can go and look at that as well. You can look at the night sky and all of those stars are actually real things, they are real places, and you can have visited some of them but not visited others. Grant [Duncan, the art director] said it the other day. 'Is this the first game that doesn't have a skybox?' It's such a weird thing, it's such a techie thing, but that should be our opener: the first game with no skybox."
"Everyone that plays will play one consistent universe. Normally with a roguelike, you'd play through and every time it's different. With this, everybody starts on a different part of the universe but it is the same consistent universe for all players," Murray said. "There are things you can do that have significance and those things are shared for everyone. You are not the hero of this universe; you are a person in it – or a being, a player in it. And you make decisions all of the time as you go through it. You start on the outside of the universe, and everyone does, and for a lot of people that roguelike structure will be trying to get to the center of the universe."
Reading through the previews you'll find new information on just how Hello Games is hoping you interact with the environment, and just what they hope to achieve with this hugely ambitious title. One of the more interesting design choices is that players will be able to leave their own personal mark on a planet or galaxy, either misleading other players or helping them out.

If you haven't yet seen the reveal trailer check it out below to have your mind expanded upon just what we can hope to expect from this very intriguing title. Currently No Man's Sky is expected for PC and a yet-unnamed new-gen console.

no man's skysci-fiprocedurally generatedpreview round-up

Latest Comments
Posted 11:38am 10/12/13
Looks really impressive from a technical pov, but I hope theres actually some gameplay in there somewhere and not just exploring procedurally generated space/planets.
Posted 12:59pm 10/12/13
there looks to be at least space combat.
Posted 05:06pm 10/12/13
Every time I read a game dev use the word "procedural", I get a little wet.
Posted 05:38pm 10/12/13
Khel: Far as I can tell, it's rogue-like-ish. There's resource collection, ship upgrading and (I think) character upgrading.

From what we saw in the trailer, there looks like there's FPS elements + Space elements as well.

And from an RPS article, they're stressing it's going to be a giant sandbox. So basically, it sounds like there will be gameplay and progression.

It's not going to be another Dear Esther.
Posted 04:47am 11/12/13
"You start on the outside of the universe, and everyone does, and for a lot of people that roguelike structure will be trying to get to the center of the universe."

So the universe here is not a universe born of a big bang as our universe was? Will the physics governing this universe become apparent or is it an entirely fictitious, non physical universe? Seems a shame to go to the effort of creating an explorable sky if it's the latter.
Posted 06:45am 11/12/13
Why is everything MMO now? I like me a great single player story experience.
Posted 12:53pm 11/12/13
Viper, this IS single player. But with meta elements from the playthrough of others affecting your world (like crashed ship might be the grave site of another player).

You never actually have another player in your game, it's like how they did spore (as far as I can tell at least).
Posted 08:59am 12/12/13
I hope space is massively vast otherwise someone will just load up on fuel and warp straight to the center non stop. Most space games out these days scale down the universe/galaxy massively so getting around is easy and fast.
Posted 09:40am 12/12/13
Viper, this IS single player. But with meta elements from the playthrough of others affecting your world (like crashed ship might be the grave site of another player).

Not from what i've read, it's a single world, when one player finds a planet they can chose to share that planet information (location, name ect) with other players.

Players start randomly on the edge of the universe, the idea is you work your way in, the closer you get the center the more you must rely on team work to solve problems.

They haven't given much more detail than that, but I can safely say that it's not single player.
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