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Post by Dan @ 10:35am 10/12/13 | 8 Comments
This trailer for Ubisoft's upcoming open world multiplayer game Tom Clancy's The Division debuted over the weekend at the VGX game awards, but until a few hours ago it was still only viewable in GameTrailer's lacklustre player where the low bitrate really didn't do it justice.

Ubisoft has now released the video through other channels, including it's official Youtube page, where you can scrutinise its finer points in uncompromised 1080p. The publisher has also taken the time to write-up a detailed blog on the topic, explaining more of the intricacies and intentions of the team at Massive in their development what they call a "true next-gen engine" in Snowdrop.
In terms of innovation, the VGX trailer teased out a few tantalizing glimpses of next-gen features. First and foremost is the destruction system, which will be a key aspect the game’s tactical cover-based combat. “We developed a very visceral and accurate destruction experience using procedural techniques,” Massive says. “The destruction effect is not pre-baked in the game; it reacts differently depending on the physical forces at play.” That means when you see glass exploding or wood shattering, it not only looks different but it is different – and it all happens in real-time. So be prepared to plan out your cover (and your attacks) accordingly!

Also intriguing is the lighting system, which is inspired by film production techniques. “If we move one object in the game, the light in the environment will immediately react accordingly, thus obtaining the most realistic effect,” Massive says. This applies not just to the indoor and outdoor lighting, but to the time of day as well. While Massive is being tight-lipped on additional details, we can’t wait to see what this means in terms of gameplay. We can easily imagine the possibilities great lighting can add to the experience, and we suspect the ambitions here go far beyond the cinematic atmosphere it’ll lend to the game.

The Snowdrop engine also offers the team unprecedented speed and accuracy when building the city itself. And, perhaps most important of all, it’s completely dynamic and unified, meaning any change or feature developed in one area of the build will trigger the change throughout the entire game, ensuring a coherent experience not just for the development team at Massive but ultimately for the gamer as well.
No mention was made as to what platform the footage was captured from, so it's probably safe to assume that it's from a PC development build of the game, but the studio is clearly endeavoring to get this one looking hot on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well: “This new generation of consoles has opened many new opportunities to create more immersive and dynamic worlds, and enabled us to create the universe we had envisioned for The Division.”

Watch the trailer below, and click over to the ubi blog for more details.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:12am 10/12/13
Gotta say that the bullet holes in the sign with light streaming through is sex for the eyes. I don't see the xbox one or ps4 getting that level of detail out of this engine, though I would love to be proven wrong.
Posted 11:23am 10/12/13
Hope they intend to use this new engine for future Assassins Creed games too!
Posted 11:23am 10/12/13
Unfortunately it's Ubisoft so it fails right there.
Posted 11:30am 10/12/13
The melting snow was pretty awesome but I did notice at one point that the wind was blowing one way and steam from a sewer was going the other.

I guess that's another facet of the new consoles for PC gamers. Game devs tend to optimise pretty hard for consoles and with PC architecture in both it could end up meaning we will get better performance out of our own machines simply due to tighter coding.
Posted 03:28pm 10/12/13
It looks very impressive, if Ubisoft can do that I can't wait to see what Half Life 3 will be like
Posted 03:49pm 10/12/13
Hope they intend to use this new engine for future Assassins Creed games too!
Ubi seems to be kind of unique among the major pubs in their engine approach. While EA is consolidating on Frostbite, and others continue to license Unreal and Crytek or Unity, every Ubi studio seems to be continuing to go hard rolling their own.

The Splinter Cell guys at Ubi Toronto could have used the Assassins or Far Cry engines, but they went with a rebuild of their own, and Ubi Massive have another new one again (reminder that Massive Entertainment was the developer of World in Conflict before Ubi acquired them a few years back).

I guess having these large studios doing their own thing means they can really tailor the tech for their particular game, rather than trying to do the one size fits all thing. It will be interesting to see which strategy pays off more in the long run.
Posted 07:20pm 10/12/13
Unfortunately it's Ubisoft so it fails right there.

Why do you say that? They've been pumping out awesome games consistently for a while now. The AC series and Farcry 3 are a real treat to play.
Posted 08:07pm 11/12/13
Are Ubisoft unaware that a snowdropper is someone who steals women's underwear off clotheslines and masturbates into them?
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