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Post by Eorl @ 01:19pm 05/12/13 | 18 Comments
Developer DICE has revealed that they have halted all production on projects outside of their FPS series Battlefield 4 as they focus on eliminating the issues plaguing the game.

Currently DICE is working on the Mirror's Edge sequel and the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game, as well as the remaining Battlefield 4 expansions. It is unknown exactly what this decision will mean for these projects, but hopefully they aren't affected too badly.

"We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game – it is absolutely our #1 priority. The team at DICE is working non-stop to update the game," an EA representative told IGN. "We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel your pain. We will not stop until this is right."

For those who may be scratching their head wondering why the team decided to go ahead with releasing the first of five expansion packs, China Rising, yesterday instead of delaying, EA told IGN the expansion was "already in the final stages of development by the time issues began with Battlefield 4," so the company "decided to fulfill our promise to deliver it this week."

Since its launch back in late October for PC and past-gen, and with the recent launch of new generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players haven't been getting the best experiences. Consistent crashing on all platforms isn't unusual, with a number of game-related bugs like guns muting sound effects when shot and networking issues also plaguing the title. DICE decided to reward those who've stuck with Battlefield 4 through the hard times with a double XP fan appreciation event, which ends tomorrow.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:26pm 05/12/13
Woah, so not just halting work on BF4 expansions, but on ALL projects? Thats a gutsy move. On the one hand, its pretty lame they released the game in the state it is, that it requires so much manpower to fix it, but on the other hand, respect for them having the balls to admit the f***up and put all their efforts towards making it right.
Posted 02:04pm 05/12/13
I wonder if it's a bigger issue with the Frostbite 3 engine. Mirror's Edge and Battlefront will both be using it. Doesn't make sense to postpone everything.
Posted 02:09pm 05/12/13
Winston could be onto something, also is this the mighty EA putting the hard word on Dice to get the product out in time for Next-Gen, Ghosts and Christmas?
Posted 02:15pm 05/12/13
I hope it is the Engine. I hope they fix the problems. I hope they learn lots from it. Many of the problems seem to be engine based (netcode for example).

It's a really good engine for the most part. It uses all 12 of my cores, the sound quality, etc. They just need all the nitty gritty crap fixed up early so every game can just move on, and hopefully the fixes move into the next BF and so on so they can actually release a working game.
Posted 02:15pm 05/12/13
Current played time on the PC version: 85h21m, if the game is actually so broken I think I must have missed the memo.

Am still getting the occasional crash on map change or exit, but other than that it's been rock solid for me since the last patch.

Are the console versions more broken than the PC or something?
Posted 02:17pm 05/12/13
I have it on Xbox 360 and had no issues, the crashing issue I had was just as simple as clearing my Cache on the HDD; I bought it on PC and it ran like s***, constantly crashed and sounds would come and go I couldn't play it.

The update last night fixed most of my issues I can play more than 5minutes, my sound it pretty much constant now and the game runs a heck of a lot smoother than it did so definitely steps in the right direction.
Posted 02:30pm 05/12/13
Server wise things are doing alright, though of course everything could be improved. I'm hearing that Xbox One and PS4 were pretty broken on launch but have fixed themselves up so I guess this is just DICE being precautious and wanting to offer best possible experience.
Posted 02:55pm 05/12/13
would it have more to do with things like UAV's being the best weapon around,

other pysicx problems and balance, it might not affect the gameplay overly on BF4, but it could be major issues in the other games
Posted 02:59pm 05/12/13
Even then SP is buggy for me, I literally cannot complete it right now. Every time I launch it just crashes to desktop just as the level loads.

Although, I haven't tried since latest update.
Posted 03:06pm 05/12/13
Yeah, I've had a couple of crashes on XBox One. Though in the process I did learn a cool thing, when a game crashes on XBox now it doesn't take down the whole console and require a hard reset, it just exits the game and dumps you back on the home screen, which I thought was a nice improvement.
Posted 03:09pm 05/12/13
I have played a lot on PC. The game is fun but it is broken. For me there's the odd crash. According to windows it's crashed about 60 times since launch. That's not to mention server crashes or when it simply fails to connect or join matchs through battle log.

The biggest issue for me is netcode. It's still really bad. The amount of being shot behind cover, or before people come around corners is massive. So I kind of play it for stupid fun not for a proper serious game.

Even with the latest patch there's still instant killing going on by guns which don't do that. I got some great videos today of myself being killed by people who never on my end even looked at me or fired. Literally they are facing away, walking away. You die and kill came has them orange, but on your end it never registered them even shooting at you.

This is with a good PC. I can run the game on Ultra. Also with high speed cable and low pings.
Posted 03:13pm 05/12/13
I experienced a 50% crash rate around release week and since then have only bothered playing a handful of games. Will try again when I can be f***ed.
Posted 04:59pm 05/12/13
Bout f*****g time.

Guessed they noticed that even after a month and 2 DLC's that the PC version still has a s***-ton of people with constant crashes and other bugs.
Posted 06:25pm 05/12/13
Posted 07:08pm 05/12/13
Posted 07:29pm 05/12/13
Haha, forum posts need upvoting or likes or something, I want to like that
Posted 07:29pm 05/12/13
lolz at video
Posted 03:48am 07/12/13
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