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Post by Eorl @ 12:39pm 04/12/13 | 4 Comments
After their staggered launch in November with America getting the first taste of next-gen on November 15th and other countries including Australia getting their chance on November 29th, Sony has now confirmed that the console has shifted over 2.1 million units around the world.

The news follows on the tails that the PlayStation 4 had smashed the UK's launch expectations, surpassing the PSP's sales record of 185,000 with their own 250,000 unit sales according to MCV. This put Sony's profits at approximately £87m during this period, a great feat for a company that was previously struggling with the initial launch of PlayStation 3.

Posting on the PlayStation EU blog, Sony's Andrew House rattled out some numbers for the worldwide launches. Initially selling over one million consoles in America on its November 15th debut, House confirmed that "Now, with PS4′s global launch expanding to a total of 32 countries worldwide, including Europe and Latin America, I'm proud to announce that more than 2.1 million PS4s have been sold."

"It’s an impressive and record-setting accomplishment for our company and for our industry, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I want to personally thank PlayStation fans, both old and new, for your vote of confidence. The best part: the PS4 journey has just begun. In addition to an incredible line-up of PS4 games from the best developers in the world, we will continue to introduce valuable new features and services to PS4 in the months and years ahead."

For those who may have had trouble getting their hands on the newly released console, don't worry as Sony Computer Entertainment Australia indicates that availability is going to be limited in the short-term but there may be units on the shelves.

Did you happen to snag a PlayStation 4? How has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments below or check out our recent hands-on review for what we thought of the new console.

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Posted 03:52pm 04/12/13
"The company said it further sold 700,000 units in Europe, Australia and New Zealand since the Nov. 29 debut in these regions.... Sony appears on track to sell 5 million units world-wide by March, with PS4 hitting the Japanese market in February. That would beat the initial sales rollout of its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, which sold 3.55 million units during the same introductory period from November 2006 through March 2007."


"Rival Microsoft Corp. also said sales of its more-expensive Xbox One surpassed one million units in less than 24 hours following its Nov. 22 debut. While the latest Xbox debuted in more countries than the PS4, Microsoft appeared to grab an early lead in holiday sales at two big retailers in the U.S. with both of its machines—Xbox One and the prior-generation Xbox 360—representing 61% of all consoles sold at Wal-Mart Stores... according to market researcher InfoScout. The Xbox One represented about half of those sales. Sony's PS4 and PS3 each made up 15% of sales.
Posted 04:28pm 04/12/13
I've been enjoying mine so far. I've played a fair chunk of AC4 this week and I'm loving it. No real complaints about the system at all, although my experience has been somewhat hampered by the lack of internet. The controller is fantastic, I always preferred the Xbox 360 controller to the PS3 one, and although I haven't used an Xbone yet, the PS4 controller just seems to melt into your hands.

I'm still waiting for the big exclusive title to hit that will make me be happier with my decision to pick a PS4, maybe that will be Infamous?? But I think given what I've read about comparing the installation times + the differences in resolution between cross-console games I "think" I've made the right decision...well at least on paper so far. I guess we won't know for sure for another 6-12 months though.
Posted 04:30pm 04/12/13
infamous and the order 1866 (and maybe uncharted) will probably be the biggest exclusives releasing next year.
Posted 10:41pm 05/12/13
I love the console itself, but am really uninterested in the games available on it atm...

I don't feel like I've jumped the gun on buying the console, so much as the console has jumped the gun on its software development 'partners'.
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