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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:59pm 03/12/13 | 2 Comments
Console launch, console launch. 1080p, 60-fps, RAM, jaggies, performance, visuals, controller, voice and face recognition... the list of items to talk about goes on and on with this 'next-gen', but very little seems to focus on gameplay.

Dead Rising 3 lacks in so many buzzwordy areas of this new console launch period, yet it nails gameplay like it's been doing it for years. Oh wait, it has. If you can look past the technical shortcomings you might find a veritable zirconia in the rough with Dead Rising 3 -- it's not the prettiest game on the block, but no one said killing thousands and thousands of zombies was going to be a clean job, did they?

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Posted 07:15pm 03/12/13
I've got both Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, and pretty much a majority of my time the past week has been playing Dead Rising 3. It is such a fantastic game and really expands on the past two iterations by giving the player a large amount of customisation and hilarious costumes. While I do tend to gravitate towards a more blade-orientated weapon set, the fact that you can choose a whole arsenal of weaponry from flaming swords to shotguns shooting out swords really speaks true to the creative nature of the title.

Honestly, I actually feel like Dead Rising 3 is the most "next-gen" in terms of just the sheer size of the game and its AI zombies. Each zombie is casting off a shadow, most likely pulls from a pool of AI commands and interact in different ways to the player. Not to mention all the explosions and chaos you can cause with some weapons, I was really surprised to only see dips in framerate on very few occasions when fighting the massive horde.

Overall, this game is one I would definitely recommend to any Xbox One owner. I've barely touched any game, be it GTA or Steam because I've just been so wrapped up in the world of Dead Rising 3.
Posted 10:03am 04/12/13
This game was not on my day one list. I was so impressed with Forza and Ryse that I went out and got this though the next day. I must say, I am enjoying this immensly and it has easily exceeded whatever expectations I had of it. Excellent game.
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