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Post by Dan @ 10:52am 29/11/13 | 18 Comments
As the PlayStation 4 console was released locally today, selling through all launch stock, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia indicates that availability is going to be limited in the short-term:
Nearly seven years since the company’s previous console launch in Australia, Michael Ephraim, Managing Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, said, "I've never seen demand like we are seeing now with PlayStation 4. Even though we are getting more PS4 consoles in before Christmas, our retail partners tell us that they don't expect many to be left on the shelves by the time Christmas comes. We will continue to supply the demand, starting in January and every subsequent month until we satisfy Australia's appetite for PS4. In the meantime, we thank our fans for their patience – we promise PS4 is worth the wait.”
Did you manage to pick one on pre-order last night or today? Are you considering trying to obtain one before the new year?

You can read our thoughts on the new device right here on AusGamers.

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Posted 12:41pm 29/11/13
i got myself a controller. anyone know where i can get a micro usb cable that's 2m+ in length?
Posted 12:42pm 29/11/13
I grabbed one this morning. I had a look on ebay and they're going for over $800'ish. Insane!!
Posted 01:39pm 29/11/13
the EB i went to didn't have any ps4's available. i saw a couple of boxes of xbone's but they may have just been display boxes.
Posted 01:40pm 29/11/13
Rav, see if Umart has any otherwise D*** Smith or any other electrical store should have one.
Posted 02:03pm 29/11/13
i've already looked at their sites as well as JBHIFI. i might take another look in case i over looked it.
Posted 02:14pm 29/11/13
ravn0s ,
they probably were in stock of xbone's, I know JB HIFI isn't short of them.

Also, if you want a long micro usb cable, you could try Jaycar or try computers stores like ARC or MSY.
its more a computer store item then anything d*** smith or JB HIFI would sell
Posted 03:06pm 29/11/13
I have a PS4.

I paid retail for it.

The console it self looks great, the controller has a really well built feel for it too.
No idea what I'm supposed to DO with it tho... there's bugger all to play atm.
Posted 06:22pm 29/11/13
lol Mike
Posted 06:42pm 29/11/13
looks like jaycar has what i need. cheers shao.
Posted 08:06am 02/12/13
I managed to squeeze in a few hours of the weekend to try out my PS4. I've been playing AC4 mostly, and as this is my first AC game I'm really enjoying it, I'm pretty much doing all the side missions and trying to get all the treasure etc. Great great game, it's strange though, it's certainly graphically not a huge leap from what I'm used to with a reasonable'ish PC and even the previous consoles. It looks good, but it's not a huge improvement over say The Last of Us or something.

The installation process was really simple, it took less than a minute to get into the game.

The controller is great, the touchpad thingo is curious, it's not really used in this game, but it's really accessible - I used it to scroll through a map, which was really pointless.

I didn't get to try out any of the media functions as I had internet through a wifi hot spot on my phone (just finished moving).

Resogun is pretty awesome, and I tried out Need for Speed Rivals for about 5 minutes, but AC4 is where I probably spent the most of my time.

The console itself is really quiet, the drive makes a small amount of noise when installing, but as everything is going to be run off the HDD this is certainly a quieter console than the last gen ones. Bring on more games is all I'll say ;)
Posted 09:30am 02/12/13
AC4 is one of those cross gen games that only looks slightly better on the new hardware. it's the same for cod:ghosts. imo, killzone is pretty much the only game on ps4 that looks "next gen".

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Posted 09:08pm 02/12/13
Went into JB Hifi to get a PS4, they told me to wait until January next year :(
Posted 09:23pm 02/12/13
lol, the ps4 just sold more units (over 250k) in the UK in the first 48 hrs than the Wii U has in its lifetime. this makes it the UK's fastest selling console of all time beating the previous record of 180k PSP's sold first week.

this console isn't going to be available anywhere except for brazil.
Posted 09:45pm 02/12/13
Nintendo really f***ed up with the Wii U, which is disappointing because the new Mario game is awesome!
Posted 10:22pm 02/12/13
I honestly think that naming the newest Nintendo console a Wii U is what stuffed Nintendo over in the first place. Everyone got bored of the Wii gimmick. So when Nintendo release another console with Wii in the name, with no marketing to be seen anywhere, of course people aren't going to buy it. I've heard nothing about it. I haven't even seen the console in a single persons house.
Posted 01:07pm 03/12/13
I'm still torn as to whether or not to buy a Wii U. I expect I'll buy a PS4, but perhaps not just yet, there's no rush. I still want to finish LA Noire, Arkham City and Assasins Creed 3 first.
Posted 12:22am 04/12/13
lol, the ps4 just sold more units (over 250k) in the UK in the first 48 hrs than the Wii U has in its lifetime. this makes it the UK's fastest selling console of all time beating the previous record of 180k PSP's sold first week.

not to burst anyone's bubble here on anything.. heheh

those stats don't actually get recorded at the retail level... meaning they come from promoters and disties - and they always have.

I'd no sooner have faith in the stats that came from 'Aria' when they used to to play the 'top 40' each weekend when I was a kid!

apparently some 'top 40' shows look at iTunes sales instead now...

coming up next is Jim with 'the weather'

grow up guys - make your own decisions for yourself. Be a priest or be a killer - it's your life to be all and everything in between and more.

You are free to make your own decisions

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