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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:23pm 26/11/13 | 10 Comments
Comments from what seemed like a lifetime ago, from ex-Diablo III man Jay Wilson, promised PvP for Diablo III pretty early in the product's life. In fact, from the horse's mouth it was to be, he projected, that "[Blizzard] want to get it out within months after release. I would say, if it showed up close to the end of the year, that would be... I would say, almost a disaster".

So we all know how that turned out, but this isn't about tapping into ghosts of the past, but rather the studio is at a loss as to how to bring anything but dungeon-crawling additions to the game, citing issues with balance and fun as the main reasons for the lack of any PvP just yet, but that it's an ongoing battle to find a way to include this long lost addition.

I recently sat down with lead level designer Matthew Berger though, to talk about the next-gen release of Reaper of Souls on console and offered my own spin on their lacking feature in that it might be time to change its focus from PvP to a PvE dealie.

"I thought of a way that you guys could actually combat the lack of PvP," I say to Berger. "And that is... you’ve got Adventure mode, and you’ve got the Nephalem stuff -- which is all really cool -- but they’re still dungeon-crawling, which is the heart of the game. But some people want that small arena challenge. Why not do a PvE horde mode?"

"I’m going to tell you why," Berger responds, without missing a beat. "I’m going to go completely off script (and the PR guy is looking at me like he’s going to throw stuff at me). I’m not going to say that we haven’t thought about it -- it is a very natural inclination -- but doing that is not easy, and the reason it’s not easy is not because of getting it in and getting it fun -- that’s probably doable -- it’s getting it in, and getting it fun, and getting it done to the level of satisfaction and polish that we expect of ourselves at Blizzard, is a completely new endeavour."

There's more to this in our lengthy chat with Berger where we also touch on console and PC differentiation, finishing RoS on PC before PS4 (or next-gen) and much more.

Click here for our Diablo III: Reaper of Souls console developer interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:46pm 26/11/13
What is a PVE horde mode?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:50pm 26/11/13
Basically just a challenge arena with wave after wave of enemies pulled from the campaign. Sort of like the boss battles in the main campaign, but with ever-increasing difficulty. I said PvE because they could very easily contextualise it from Sanctuary with co-op, so make it like a world event, built into the game, but is still somewhat separate
Posted 01:30pm 26/11/13
That is probably one of the lamest excuses I have ever heard. We're not going to do it because it's too hard.
Posted 01:53pm 26/11/13
I love blizzard... "Because we are perfectionists - we wont release anything" Lazy, just plain Lazy. No one every changed the game by not releasing anything.

Hell they even have their Beta testing platform to test ideas with real feedback from the public.

"But what if we waste resources / time / effort making something that the public doesn't like"

Well I say at least you are trying to create the experience for the fanbase - instead of destroying your fan base with your analysis paralysis.
Posted 03:38pm 26/11/13
Because everyone was so calm and understanding when they tried new and different things with the original D3 right?
Posted 03:54pm 26/11/13
Because everyone was so calm and understanding when they tried new and different things with the original D3 right?

I tried to think the game wasn't s***. I tried to think I was getting my moneys worth.

It didn't help.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:05pm 26/11/13
So, on-topic -- how about an escalating horde mode with the challenge being our points and kills? Does anyone think this would work? And if so, would they actively take part?
Posted 04:20pm 26/11/13
Isn't D3 horde mode all the time, you basically progress through the ACTs and dungeons with Monsters getting harder and harder just doesn't seem that different to me to justify doing a Horde mode seems just a water down mode of D3 for people who can't be stuffed opening doors lol

D3 is a fantastic game I still fire it up and give it a good play though now and then but people just dont give a s*** in coop mode, they run ahead just for loot and progression there isn't any team work and barely any communication within the Party.
Posted 06:46pm 26/11/13
not sure why people even expected pvp, all it was in d2 was one shotting people since it wasn't designed around balancing it. I don't think it's worth their effort, it's just not a pvp game.
Posted 10:54pm 26/11/13
I'd rather the Jesse Cox idea:

Hardcore league of 2 months that culminates in a 1v1 "Gladiators" style to-the-perma-death battle until 1 player remains and is crowned the champion... Could do the final 20 in an online stream style and because it's people with s*** to lose battling to the death, it would be f*****g awesome.

Winner gets prize money + keeps character for next season.
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