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Post by Eorl @ 12:33pm 22/11/13 | 12 Comments
Microsoft's long-awaited next-gen console, the Xbox One, has now officially launched across Australian stores, bringing the first next-gen console to our shores.

Since its reveal back in May of this year, the console has struggled with a number of battles including the consumer backlash when revealed that it would require an always-on Internet connection to function, checking in every 24 hours to update the console's library. Since E3 2013 the console has shifted and changed to what it is today, not requiring the Internet connection after the initial Day One update and also ditching the anti-used games approach.

To help celebrate the Xbox One's launch in Australia, Microsoft held some rather large public showcasings in Sydney to ensure everyone knew that the console was being launched midnight this morning. A 3D water projection took place on the harbour beneath the North pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while the Sydney Tower switched off the Westfield sign for the evening and was transformed into a green beacon, its top doubling as the Southern Hemisphere’s largest countdown clock as midnight approached.

If that wasn't enough Sydney's Luna Park was also transformed into the official launch party for the Xbox One, donning the green and hosting a live performance by The Presets. You can find a glimpse of the Sydney Tower and 3D water projection here and here.

For those who have picked up a console, let us know in the comments your thoughts so far and what games you've been playing as well.

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Posted 02:35pm 22/11/13
I'm going to wait a year before I consider getting one of the next gen but a few mates on Facebook have posted images of their consoles and the games they've purchased and most of them have picked up all the launch titles.

So much money.
Posted 03:30pm 22/11/13
Got mine waiting at home for me, my brother picked it up for me since he finished work early. I paid it all up last night, and due to some weird release date shenanigans AC4 was already out so they gave that to me last night, then when my brother picked up the console today they gave him another copy of AC4, must not have listed it in their systems as picked up.

So if anyone wants a brand new, sealed copy of AC4 for XBox One I got a spare one I'd be happy to sell cheap!
Posted 03:37pm 22/11/13
Picked up mine, pretty impressive improvements with the kinect and ui, currently playing Dead Rising 3 and really enjoying it.

Bit of a shame that we don't have the TV function working properly in australia, but i have my tbox connected to it and its great for just snapping to the side while playing.
Posted 06:01pm 22/11/13
i picked mine up 2 hours ago and im sitting in the office with it right next to me, just having it here is making my working day go so slow :'(
Posted 06:11pm 22/11/13
hope you guys don't get a console with a faulty bluray drive.

Posted 07:17pm 22/11/13
s*** man thats no good!
Posted 10:05pm 22/11/13
From reddit..............dude had this in his console.

Posted 10:10pm 22/11/13
yeah i've seen a couple of those posted on reddit
Posted 10:30pm 22/11/13
How much for AC4 khel?
Posted 11:02pm 22/11/13
$50? Its still sealed and everything. Its the 'special edition' with some dlc codes for some weapons and s***, but I think the 'special edition' is just the normal edition
Posted 11:28pm 22/11/13
next gen has been here forever, its called a PC ;)
Posted 12:09am 23/11/13
next gen is VR.
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