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Post by Eorl @ 03:16pm 21/11/13 | 0 Comments
Valve's ever-growing free-to-play FPS Team Fortress 2 is once again gaining some new updates, this time offering up cosmetic weapon and character effects maps to add onto the ever-growing rotation and tweaks to the Mann vs. Machine co-op gameplay.

Titled 'Two Cities', the first half of the update has been laid out for bare eyes on the Team Fortress 2 blog today, showcasing a new Mann vs. Machine map, Mannhattan. The new map will take "our mercs all the way from the sun-blasted gravel pits of the Badlands to the urban sprawl of the East Coast, where they'll have to defend the manufacturing arm of Saxton Hale's boutique Mhank├ line."

"Mannhattan's robot hordes can advance their own spawn points and introduce new bombs into the map for the first time, making for a unique new MvM experience."

Other additions to the update include the weapon and character effects, which can be gained from new Killstreak Kits found after completing a Two Cities tour. Rarer Killstreak Kits are also available from crafting, which will presumably offer up the more graphically awesome character effects.

Also on the agenda it seems Valve has been kind enough to continue the Australian recognition in Team Fortress 2, with word that those completing a tour of Two Cities' Manhattan map may find their sparkly mitts on what some might say preposterously rare items in the game: the Australium weapon.

For more on the Team Fortress 2 update check out the full blog post.

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