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As promised, DICE has released a new trailer for Battlefield 4's forthcoming Second Assault map pack, a downloadable content update that brings back four arenas from Battlefield 3, revamped to take advantage of the new game's improved destruction features.

The official trailer offers a minute and a half of clips from the various levels, showing glimpses at some of the new bits and pieces.

Better still however, is the assortment of community-captured gameplay videos that also surfaced overnight, reportedly from a recent preview event that several popular Youtubers were invited to attend.

LevelCapGaming has a good overview of the new-look versions of the two most iconic BF3 maps: Operation Metro and Caspian Border, demonstrating the various "levolution" destruction features and other various tweaks and changes that have been made. Interestingly, the new versions of all of the maps have been designed to take place after the battles in the previous game, so Operation Metro is themed after the Paris Stock Exchange bomb went off in the single-player story, and Capsian Border has been refortified with some huge concrete walls and a new radio tower, while the old tower can still be found strewn in it's fields. Check them out below.

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