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Post by Dan @ 10:09am 20/11/13 | 5 Comments
With the Xbox One rolling out to Australian, North American, and Some European consumers this Friday, third party launch developers Capcom and Crytek have released the launch trailers for their respective platform-exclusive launch games.
Ryse: Son of Rome:Lead legions on Marius' path of vengeance, fighting throughout the Roman Empire. Epic adventure, groundbreaking multiplayer, and breathtaking visuals all unite behind Xbox One's legendary launch title, Ryse: Son of Rome.

Dead Rising 3:Take a ride on the wild side and a trip off the deep end of the zombie apocalypse.
The end is finally here and it's never looked so good. Welcome to the after party.
Watch with anticipation below.

xbox oneryse son of rometrailerdead rising 3crytekcapcom
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:20am 20/11/13
pumped, picking up both these titles tomorrow night! :D
Posted 10:45am 20/11/13
looks sweet
Posted 11:08am 20/11/13
Bit hesitant to pick up Ryse given that it has an embargo until launch. Will definitely be getting DR3 though.
Posted 12:42pm 20/11/13
Looking forward to Ryse. I really hope its a good game and not a massive letdown.
Posted 12:43pm 20/11/13
yea word, if it's s*** its going to mar the entire release considering the lack of launch titles. A lot is resting on it being decent imo.
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