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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:39pm 19/11/13 | 8 Comments
Geek is... me getting to sit down with Chris Metzen, Senior Vice President, Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard. But not because of that role, impressive as it is.

Rather, Metzen is the sort of guy, in an industry like ours, you only hope exists: a cool cat with energy, passion, drive and creativity -- without a single PR-driven bone in his body. He's genuine and genuinely loves what he does, and he's responsible for the livelihood of literally millions and millions of Blizzard fans the world over. His gravitas is... electric.

I spoke with the Blizzard veteran about the weight of his job, switching off and even managed to sneak in a WarCraft 4 question. Just for you guys.

Click here for our lengthy and in-depth Chris Metzen interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:54pm 19/11/13
Good interview shame about Warcraft 4 although he makes a valid point I couldn't handle 2 RTS's to play
Posted 09:07pm 19/11/13
Would have been good to Discuss LOCAL Servers for Blizzard Games
Posted 09:07pm 19/11/13
I had no idea he was so hands on (until recently)

I don't know how many times I've stared at his concept and sketch work from the Warcraft II manuals(and menus) over the years.

GG Steve Farrelly, Gee Gee.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:42pm 19/11/13
Would have been good to Discuss LOCAL Servers for Blizzard Games
dte51 it's not really Metzen's area, nor something I wanted to talk to him about with the time allotted, however, I think you/we might here info regarding this sometime in the future
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:52pm 19/11/13
I'm jealous you got to meet him. He seems like a cool guy to have a chat with.
Posted 11:33am 20/11/13
I may have a bit of a geek mancrush on Chris Metzen
Posted 12:55pm 20/11/13
Yeah he seems like a pretty colourful dude to chat with, would've been cool to have a video interview.
Posted 11:07am 21/11/13
What do you mean by, they have steamOS? Have they lined up already to develop for Valves new console?
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