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Post by Dan @ 11:26am 19/11/13 | 9 Comments
The full length trailer for Touchstone Picture's Need for Speed movie -- the upcoming film named for EA's successful and long running arcade racing game series -- is now online, and it appears to have both the exotic cars, and the fast race-driving of said cars that the games are known for. it's hard to tell whether it has anything else in common with the games, or if that even really matters, but it does have Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and at least one 'your mother' joke.
Framed for a crime he didn't commit, muscle car mechanic and street racer Tobey (Aaron Paul) gets out of prison determined to settle the score with the man responsible for his false conviction.
Watch below and share your thoughts.

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Posted 03:54pm 19/11/13
Looks like fun
Posted 03:59pm 19/11/13
Kept expecting him to end each sentence with b****.
Posted 04:09pm 19/11/13
I don't see why they can't actually drive the cars. The drifting is either all CGI, or they've played with the original footage before final editing. Looks fake as and removes all immersion that I get from these movies.

Motion blur, stretching cars as though they are about to go into warp, maybe Vin Deisel (mid race) pushing the pedal further to the floor when he realises someone catching up...

It's wrong! Wrong! Keep that s*** raw. - It's like how real car nuts don't like music footage over car clips on Youtube. They prefer to hear the engine, the revs, the raw power. Heavily edited videos don't usually rate as well unless the editor was meticulous about the sound.
Posted 05:11pm 19/11/13
Seen this tired old s*** before....
Posted 07:24pm 19/11/13
yo b****
Posted 07:34pm 19/11/13
Looks like it might be cool, but will probably be s***, plus just saw the whole movie in the trailer!
Posted 08:29pm 19/11/13
Own a JZX100 and i will never watch Tokyo Drift :P Keep it real.
Posted 06:17am 20/11/13
they spelt Honour wrong.
Posted 08:56am 20/11/13
The-Makkaan yes and no they didn't, just depends if you're English or American.

Fast cars B****!
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