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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:01pm 18/11/13 | 7 Comments
At this year's BlizzCon AusGamers was given a chance to catch up with Heroes of the Storm's senior game designer, Richard Khoo.

With a year under their belt since the game was last seen properly (and with Heart of the Swarm out of the way), Blizzard unveiled Heroes of the Storm, their hero brawler title, and Richard was happy to talk about all manner of brawlege, including info on mounts, hero customisation, maps, mods and even the potential for pets.

Click here for our full Heroes of the Storm interview.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:02pm 18/11/13
I just can't get excited about this expansion.
Posted 04:14pm 18/11/13
It's a new game no expansion to be seen here...

I'm pumped for this can't wait
Posted 04:37pm 18/11/13
Yeah, keen to try this out, it looked really fun from the stuff shown at blizzcon
Posted 04:37pm 18/11/13
I'm really keen to try this out, I'm not 100% sold on it, but certainly curious enough to be keen to try it out.
Posted 05:33pm 18/11/13
I'll try this, for sure. I'm not expecting much though.
Posted 06:31pm 18/11/13
I just can't get excited about this expansion.
Heh, you're probably thinking of the StarCraft II exp Heart of the Swarm, which has already come and gone.

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzards new name for the MOBA they've been working on, which was originally going to be called Blizzard Dota, then Blizzard Allstars, before they changed it again (and seem to be committed to it this time).

Don't worry though, everyone else is getting the names confused too (Steve even does momentarily during this interview =D)
Posted 05:59am 19/11/13
Super keen .. especially liking the team focus and the removal of last hit .. while last hit does require skill its certainly not 'fun' .. go go beta
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