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Post by Eorl @ 01:49pm 16/11/13 | 4 Comments
Announced earlier this year, developer Lionhead Studios has unveiled some new details on exactly how they are going about HD-ifying the original Fable with Fable Anniversary for Xbox 360. After almost a decade since its debut on the Xbox, the revamped title boasts "stunning graphics, almost instant loading times, an all-new interface, Achievements, Xbox SmartGlass support and more."
Being the UI element that’s viewed most, the first task I gave myself was to tackle the HUD. I wanted to design something that remained familiar to players who have played the original game while still creating a fresh and refined UI. The visual treatment I decided on uses golden framed elements to help celebrate Fable Anniversary and give a bit of elegance. The HUD uses over 400 unique icons for displaying objects including items, characters and spells.

The inventory screen was one of the biggest changes to the UI. The original game had many levels of options which you had to go back and forth through to find what you were after. I have tried to simplify it by creating a new layout which allows for quicker navigation. The Xbox 360 Controllers trigger and bumper buttons control which section you are viewing and their sub-sections.
Alongside the inventory and HUD changes, Lionhead has also updated the region and world map more space to show more of the map and text for each location, making it easier to see region information at a glance such as which shops a town has or if any houses are for sale.

You can find out more on the new changes over at the official website, but check out the new screenshots below for a more visual guide.

In related Fable Anniversary news the Australian Classification Board has awarded the pack an R18+ rating due to "Sexual activity related to incentives and rewards," according to a listing on the Board's website.

According to a report obtained by Player Attack (thanks Polygon), the R18+ decision relates to the Darkwood Bordello activities. Players can either earn an in-game reward for pairing up with a certain number of prostitutes as a man, or receive 1,000 gold to "participate in the intimate act of love" dressed as a woman with a male NPC.

Fable Anniversary is expected to be launched in early 2014 for Xbox 360.

lionhead studiosfable anniversaryaustralian classification board
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Latest Comments
Posted 08:55pm 16/11/13
this actually looks pretty sweet, I'm very surprised.
Posted 09:23am 17/11/13
Fable was enjoyable but doesn't really need a HD remake
Posted 11:41am 17/11/13
Yeah but I'm glad it's a remake of a good game and not another sequel. Can you IMAGINE how horrible fable 4 would be?
Posted 12:47pm 17/11/13
Yeah Fable 3 was a let down, they seemed to improve on systems for fable 2 and the logical progression of system improvements just didn't happen for fable 3, instead they decided to go retard, I'm guessing to try cash in on other successful system of the day. Which IMO makes for a s*** game.

I hate when games fail reaching their potential.
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