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Post by Eorl @ 03:23pm 14/11/13 | 1 Comments
Ahead of the American launch come tomorrow morning, Sony has offered up a digital version of their PlayStation 4 manual, which you can find over here.

The manual covers everything that could possibly be thought of, including the light indicators on the front of the console. According to the manual, if the light is red it indicates that the system is overheating, suggesting to "Turn off the system, and wait until later to use it." The manual also covers setting up the unit, firmware settings like your parental controls and TV setup plus PlayStation Network account help.

The games section of the manual highlights where the games will install, download new titles, moving save files around and also a in-depth guide to the new trophy system. Details on the record and share gameplay feature is also included.

Interestingly Eurogamer has detailed exactly how much power draw the PlayStation 4 take on different power states, surprising many on just how lightweight it really is. On idle, you'll find the console sitting at 40℃ and drawing a maximum of 80W and pushing out only 42dB at close range. Running a game will push it to 44℃ and 131W power draw with 51dB and combining both a game and utilising the UI will push it to a max temp of 45℃, 140W draw and 53dB. Definitely much cooler compared to a desktop computer.

Sony has also revealed that their mobile PlayStation app is now available for download from the iTunes and Google Play stores. The new app will allow you to "keep connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play. Push games from PlayStation Store to your PS4 system and be ready to game at home." Exciting. Currently the app is available only to US residents, with Australia gaining access come November 22nd however some are reporting that access is somewhat random.

The PlayStation 4 will be launching in under 12 hours in America, with Australia and the rest of the world having to wait until November 29th for their chance to taste the next-gen rainbow. While we twiddle our thumbs, leave us a comment below on whether you are getting a PlayStation 4, and what are you picking up alongside the console?

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Posted 10:48am 15/11/13
Interesting that despite the cooler operating temperature they've also included a red light to indicate overheating. Clearly, at all costs, they're trying to prevent a repeat of the YLOD which recently took out my launch PlayStation 3.

Already hearing some reports of faulty PS4 hardware so will likely wait until March next year to buy.
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