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Post by Eorl @ 10:34am 14/11/13 | 26 Comments
America is set to see the launch of the first next-gen console in just under 24 hours, with Sony's PlayStation 4 taking the first dive to eager consumer hands.

To help potential buyers understand exactly what Sony's PlayStation 4 has to offer, a new seven minute long launch video has been offered up giving a taste of what is to come for the soon-to-be generation shift. With Mirror's Edge 2, Infamous: Second Son, DriveClub, Watch_Dogs and more awaiting players next year, its definitely the right trailer to get you pumped.

Alongside the launch trailer, several reviews are now coming in for the PlayStation 4 exclusive titles Knack, Resogun and Killzone: Shadow Fall plus the console itself. While we won't be getting our reviews up until a bit later, you can check out a snippet of what to expect from the launch of Sony's next-gen.

PlayStation 4:
So what does playing a PlayStation 4 feel like? Quite honestly, it's a lot like the PlayStation 3. There's a noticeable bump in graphics, of course, but it's logical to assume the real heavy hitters won't have their day until we're deeper into the system's life cycle. Like I mentioned earlier, the jump in visuals is not as dramatic as it was going from SD to HD. Also, PC gamers with the luxury of a souped-up machine probably won't be much impressed at all. It's also worth mentioning that some cross-platform games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag don't look nearly as good as PS4-exclusive games like Killzone: Shadow Fall.
The DualShock 4 is one of the most comfortable controllers I've ever held. It abandons the long-maintained DualShock design for something much more ergonomic. Specifically, the DualShock 3's tapered prongs have been replaced by more bulbous and natural handles. Even better, the back of the controller is made of a textured, but not rubberized plastic that offers great grip. The D-pad directions are spaced more closely together, and there's a nice divot in the middle that gives the thumb a natural place to rest. The analog sticks are spaced slightly further apart, and they now feature concave bowls on top, preventing the slippage common with the DualShock 3. Speaking of slippage, the DualShock 3's convex triggers are gone, and in their place are delightfully concave triggers that do a much better job of cradling your all-important shooting fingers. The shoulder buttons, meanwhile, have become more rounded and are just a bit larger. The face buttons and Home button are basically unchanged.
Killzone: Shadow Fall:
Nine years ago, the first Killzone game offered us an unforgettable, iconic image: a gas-masked space Nazi, eyes glowing a malevolent ochre, standing under a cherry blossom tree. A strong start - and yet since then, the series has been groping for an identity that could live up to that look and set it apart from its FPS peers. It's never quite found it.

It's all the more frustrating that Shadow Fall fails to establish that identity, because it gets so close in its early design and themes. It sets up an open-ended tactical shooter in a cynical world of sci-fi realpolitik - and then bottles it, taking the easy escape route of another suicide mission into empty spectacle. There's a lack of confidence here that contrasts starkly with Guerrilla's dazzling, sure-footed command of the new hardware. It's a game that any new PlayStation 4 owner will be proud to show off - but it won't be one they remember by the time PS5 rolls around.
As much as I enjoyed my online time with Killzone: Shadow Fall--and as much as I will enjoy lots more time with it, unlocking perks that allow me to personalize my weapons--I missed Killzone 3's jump pack, which brought a nifty nimbleness to the battlegrounds. I missed it in Shadow Fall's disappointing single-player campaign, too, which sorely needed a shot of adrenaline. Where I look back fondly on Killzone 2's finest single-player moments, the moments I recall here are those in which I wandered through corridors and rocky meadows wondering where the bad guys were. Luckily, Guerrilla Games remembered what drew me and many others to the front lines of online war, and it's here that Shadow Fall emerges from the rubble and flies into the electric skies.
With the way it looks and how simple it is, it’s easy to think Knack is a game for kids. And while that may be the intent, it doesn’t make Knack any less dull. Whether you’re five or 25, Knack is boring throughout its 10-hour duration. If you’re looking for something to introduce you to the PlayStation 4, there are far better options than Knack.
Knack is a good-looking game, though there are some inconsistencies that pop up from time to time to remind you that you’re looking at a launch title. Watching Knack command the thousands of individual relics that make up his body is like watching the PS4 flexing its graphical muscle -- he’s a walking special effect. Bright colors, high-resolution textures, and highly-detailed enemies make Knack look like an animated CG film in places. At times, all of this combines with lovely backdrops and impressive lighting to make for some of the best visuals I've ever witnessed coming from a videogame console.
Although you can race through the game on the rookie setting, firing blindly as you go, to work your way across harder difficulties or to get a proper foothold on the high-score table you're going to need to pay attention to the near-ceaseless stream of information lobbed back at you - much of it coming via a calm computer voice that updates you through the speaker in the DualShock 4.
Resogun promotes aggression through score multipliers that reset if you don’t score kills frequently enough, though not the reckless sort. You’ll have to play skillfully and without a moment of downtime. This need for speed couples well with Resogun’s boost feature, which lets you travel through enemies, and triggers an area-of-effect attack when you drop back to normal speed. Timing your boosts to escape danger or destroy a massive cluster of enemies requires foresight and restraint, and pulling it off always feels great. When a game’s goals directly inform its mechanics as Resogun’s do, that’s a sign of terrific game design.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:04am 14/11/13
I prefer a console these days as it's easier just to jump on and get into the game as I only have laptop for home which I mainly use for work and uni.

I have no desire at the moment to rush out and buy a next gen normally I would so I can have the latest and greatest but nothing is jumping out at me and by the reviews listed here it looks like I am not the only one feeling this way.

I still have a stack of 360 and PS3 games I need to finish first the jump from current to next gen just doesn't seem major at the moment.
Posted 11:06am 14/11/13
Not unsurprising, the launch titles are pretty average really. 6 months down the track, I think people will be a bit more excited.
Posted 11:23am 14/11/13
When infamous second son comes out thats when i will be getting my PS4.
Posted 12:41pm 14/11/13
launch titles are usually pretty bad. the only really good launch title i can think of is SSX for ps2. damn, that game rocked!
Posted 12:52pm 14/11/13
I'll get a PS4 when Sony gives them away with their TV deals.
Posted 12:58pm 14/11/13
Posted 01:10pm 14/11/13
The biggest problem I see with console games, particularly the big hitters, launch day behemoths and so forth is that because Microsoft/Sony and the big game developers are so risk adverse they wont commit to being creative in any significant way. This leads to games being mediocre or good at best.

They will rarely release anything that is truly special and really deserving of a 10 because of this.

Indie game development, for the time being it seems, will be the vanguard of truly epic games. Perhaps Sony/Microsoft need to embrace this if they want a spectacular launch of consoles..
Posted 01:27pm 14/11/13
Just launch games being launch games. It'll be the same with the Xbone as well. I'm gonna hold out til Destiny, Second Son and what not come out.
Posted 01:31pm 14/11/13
it appears the best launch game is resogun which is a free indie game.

It'll be the same with the Xbone as well.

probably. i'm expecting dead rising 3 to get mid-low scores. it's got bad resolution and fps problems.

Posted 01:39pm 14/11/13
Didn't some of the 360 launch titles look barely any better than original Xbox games?

Wouldn't be surprised if it takes years for them to fully scrape out the last drops of graphical fidelity from these new consoles, same as last gen and the one before that.

Having said that, my PC would skull f*** either of those consoles even 10 years from now :)
Posted 01:47pm 14/11/13
I think I'll probably wait until Naughty Dog do something for PS4 before grabbing one, or maybe for MGS5 if its not multi-platform. MGS4 was what made me buy a PS3 back in the day, so that would be like coming full circle and be all poetic and s***.
Posted 01:49pm 14/11/13
i'm the same as you khel, but FFXV instead of MGS5. also, i thought it was already confirmed that MGS5 is multi-platform?
Posted 01:54pm 14/11/13
Yeah it's on Xbone.
Posted 02:02pm 14/11/13
i'm the same as you khel, but FFXV instead of MGS5. also, i thought it was already confirmed that MGS5 is multi-platform?
Both FFXV, MGSV (and Phantom Pain) and Kingdom Hearts 3 are PS4/Xbox One.
Posted 02:12pm 14/11/13
MGSV (and Phantom Pain)

aren't they the same game?
Posted 02:19pm 14/11/13
aren't they the same game?

MGSV: Ground Zeroes is a prologue to MGSV: Phantom Pain iirc
Posted 03:08pm 14/11/13
aren't they the same game?

As Glynd said, Ground Zeroes is a prologue to Phantom Pain, offering what many are presuming a few levels to get you into the story. I expect it to kind of be like Burial at Sea for BioShock, a small 4-5 hour campaign that sets stuff up. Phantom Pain is the open-world variant, the one that we saw at E3 this year.
Posted 12:29am 15/11/13
Man i still haven't played MGS4.. i really want to before getting on MGS5. Anyone wanna lend me their ps3 for swaps with my 360?
Posted 12:44am 15/11/13
So keen for MGS and Naughty Dog. Love splashing out 800 or so bucks for a few games.
Posted 01:36am 15/11/13
I prefer a console these days as it's easier just to jump on and get into the game as I only have laptop for home which I mainly use for work and uni.
I've tried playing an FPS with a controller and it seems like the most cumbersome thing ever. I've also watched gameplay videos on youtube made by people who I assume do it all the time and even they seem to move quite slowly while turning around, all the while getting shot in the ass.

After being able to whip around 180 degrees in a millisecond on the PC and be dead on target, I couldn't ever adapt to a console to play FPS (unless they get mouse / keyboard support).
Posted 03:58am 15/11/13
meh im anti console (if u hadnt already noticed) but even i can see you dont rush out to buy a console just because. you dont buy the thing you buy the thing because of what it can do - and for a console that means games. So it fits that the release isnt such a big deal. When the games come out, that people want to play, then it might pick up pace

me i hope not, and all this next gen stuff falls in a heap (as has been already said a decent PC rig will still blow them away), but as its also been said the next 6 to 12 months should be interesting
Posted 07:54am 15/11/13
While none of the launch titles are making me go 'yippie' I'm going to enjoy a few of them enough. Not enough to warrant a console purchase, but early next year when inFamous and The Order are out then that is a different story. There's not going to be a price drop between now and April next year, so I'll just buy it it at launch and enjoy it in a more limited capacity between now and then.
Posted 09:19am 15/11/13
I've tried playing an FPS with a controller and it seems like the most cumbersome thing ever.
Posted 02:09pm 15/11/13
There's not going to be a price drop between now and April next year, so I'll just buy it it at launch and enjoy it in a more limited capacity between now and then.
You could wait for this:
Posted 02:14pm 15/11/13
True, but I will play Knack and Assassins Creed 4 before then :)
Posted 03:11pm 15/11/13
naughty dog just announced a new uncharted game at the ps4 launch event.
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