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Post by Eorl @ 01:19pm 13/11/13 | 11 Comments
BioWare's next title in the Dragon Age series has today seen a lengthy 30 minute gameplay video leaked online, revealing some off-screen footage of the high fantasy game in action.

Captured at the Finnish show DigiExpo, the gameplay video showcases pre-alpha footage detailing new environments including Crestwood, which BioWare introduces as the largest area ever made by the team.

Other features shown off include enhancements to the dialogue in giving you more permanent choices, the inventory system, a revisit to the original Dragon Age: Origins tactical view (found at the 18 minute mark) and the new combat system that is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Check it all out below before it disappears from the Internet. BioWare has Dragon Age: Inquisition pegged for PC, current-gen and next-gen consoles with a 2014 date.

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Latest Comments
Nerf Stormborn
Posted 01:31pm 13/11/13
Seems a bit cartoony, in everything from the characters to the terrain to the UI. Dragon Age 1 had a pretty serious theme.

Also just gives me this awkward streamlined single player MMO feel, where it becomes about fulfilling some sentence of text on screen and moving on, like there's very little room for player choice or thinking.
Posted 01:45pm 13/11/13
I wonder if there will be more than 3-4 repeating dungeons this time.
Posted 02:10pm 13/11/13
O well, they still have the magnetic weapon holders. :/

Also I saw the heroes blade pass through a friendly without doing damage :/

Yeah I'll stick to true RPG's.
Posted 02:20pm 13/11/13
I still don't feel good about it, plus the version shown was an xbox version. Bioware seems determined to not listen to its core audience.
Posted 02:25pm 13/11/13
Actually Blade if all is correct on it being the demo shown at DigiExpo, the footage is actually from a high-end PC using an Xbox controller.
Posted 03:17pm 13/11/13
Vocal =/ Core.

If they sell double as many copies on X-Box than they do on PC... wouldn't Xbox be their 'core' audience? They also sold more on the PS3 than PC, so Console audience is over 3x that of their PC Audience.

I won't be buying this out of the gate like I did with DA2, because of the dissapointment that DA2 was. I really hope they do a good job with it.

Making it for console makes sense. Sucks for me as a PC gamer and I hate seeing it happen to games I love, but I can 100% understand why companies would do it.
Money. Plain and simple. $$$.
Posted 06:13pm 13/11/13
I'll download it before I buy it, just in case it is the s*** can that DA2 was
Posted 09:23pm 13/11/13
@scooter does that include digital sales at all scooter? cause i can't remember the last time i bought a physical pc game. I thought it sold extremely well on pc.

and yer fool me once shame on me fool me twice .... will be downloading before dropping cash still feeling the burn from da2
Posted 10:56pm 13/11/13
I thought it DA:O sold more on PC, oh well.

My ideal version of Dragon age would be the same style of DA:O but with updated visuals and new story. Thats all I want. I am not keen on this [i]kinda like DA:O but not and with more DA2 like stuff[/i] style they seem to be going for.
Posted 11:29pm 13/11/13
@bladerunner check out eternity, torment possibly wasteland 2. All should be great games in much the same style as da:o just no va.
Posted 01:24am 14/11/13
No one else noticed the compass straight out of Skyrim at the top?

First thing I noticed was the guy walked through a rock on the ground yet they had him struggle up a hill and in the mud. They also seemed to skirt anything that looked like it might be unwalkable terrain meaning it's very possible it is still the typical Bioware s***** map design of narrow restrictive paths just with more glittery graphics to distract you from the limitations.

It does look more open than normal but I still can't trust a developer that wont let me jump.
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