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Post by Dan @ 03:48pm 07/11/13 | 3 Comments
Blizzards oft-renamed upcoming MOBA title Heroes of the Storm (formerly Blizzard All Stars and Blizzard DotA) is expected to be revealed in more detail at the upcoming Blizzcon festival this weekend in Los Angeles, but ahead of the main event, the publisher has teased some key art from the game that presumably confirms several playable characters.

The image shows some recognisable faces from Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo games, who, according to VG247 are "Anub’arak, Illidan, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Witch Doctor from Diablo, Chen Stormstout, Diablo himself, Nova, The Lich King and Starcraft’s own Tychus Findlay".

Do these names satisfy your Blizzard fandom? Who else should make the cut? We're holding out for Lost Vikings' Olaf, and Rock n' Roll Racing's Cyberhawk.


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Latest Comments
Posted 03:52pm 07/11/13
I thought DotA turned into LoL?

Anub'arak was a sick boss.
Posted 05:59pm 07/11/13
Not gonna lie, looking forward to this. Hopefully there's some decent gameplay shown this weekend @ Blizzcon.
Posted 06:49pm 07/11/13
I thought DotA turned into LoL?

How? You just pay for hats in dota, not heroes.
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