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Post by Eorl @ 03:39pm 05/11/13 | 10 Comments
Developer DICE has unveiled the official details on what maps eager Battlefield fans will be getting come the launch of their Second Assault DLC on November 22nd, which will see four Battlefield 3 maps return to wreck carnage on the battlefield of number four.

These maps, revamped with Battlefield 4's Levolution features, are Caspian Border, Operation Metro, Gulf of Oman and Operation Firestorm. The news was revealed during a live stream of the Battlefield 4 Showdown event (via Polygon), in which the top European and North American Battlefield players went head-to-head in Battlefield 4's multiplayer modes.

Second Assault is one of five DLC packs planned for Battlefield 4, with the second DLC - China Rising - launching on December 3rd for all platforms. It is unclear exactly how long Microsoft's next-gen console has the first DLC as an exclusive, but we presume it will be somewhere along the same month-long time windows previously seen.

In related Battlefield news, DICE has revealed that they are aware of the current issues plaguing many PC players and their servers, with a number of quick patches having already been deployed to help fix some of the more dire problems.

Of the more common issues like server crashes or indeed server lag, DICE has revealed that since launching on October 29th six server patches have come through, with the latest having fixed the most common server crash error. Investigations into multiplayer data being lost is also ongoing, as is a number of miscellaneous sound bugs caused from certain weapons being fired.

You can find the full up-to-date list of known bugs and issues over at Battlelog and hopefully in the coming weeks we can get a more solid FPS experience once all the bugs have been fixed.

Battlefield 4 is currently available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with next-gen console versions launching on November 22nd and November 29th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively.

battlefield 4diceeaserver crashes
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:49pm 05/11/13
Metro? Really? Maybe they thought it was popular because so many servers ran it, without realising it was just being used to grind xp and nobody liked it
Posted 04:01pm 05/11/13
Yeh Metro the farming simulator
Posted 04:40pm 05/11/13
Pff, they bring out Metro after I farmed my medic and ammo bags. :(
Posted 05:18pm 05/11/13
Why on earth do metro. There is no need with operation locker.

What is with the netcode? It is horrible.
Dying to people who are looking in the opposite direction and most of the time dying in what seems to be one hit too. Even worse when you die, THEN see the guy start firing as you're in the death animation.
It feels like I'm playing Quake 3 Rocket Arena Instagib or something sometimes because there is no warning, just instant death.
Warnings for incoming missiles seems to be often broken with getting hit before getting the second stage 'launched' warning.

Played around with that silly latency slider but there is no difference its all bad. In fact on 0% seems the worst which makes no sense.
Posted 06:08pm 05/11/13
Heh Metro, love the other maps though I played the bomb game the other day on Operation Locker and it was just a prison version of Metro lots of fun in that mode.

I picked this up on Xbox and I love the simplicity of it just sit on my couch go quick join and I am playing within minutes, only problem I have is playing in the morning I normally find myself in US servers.
Posted 07:17pm 05/11/13
I'm still confused. When is Second Assault coming out?

If China Rising is Dec 3. Then when is Second Assault out? Two in less than a month?

Anyway the games biggest issue is the netcode. It's ok as it's new and shiny to play at the moment. The problem is, there no way the game can last with out fixing it. It's frustrating as hell dying and then seeing the guy who killed you come around a corner.

Yet DICE has been silent on this biggest game breaking issue. Server issues of course will get fixed and are. However this is the biggest issue.

Playing with skype with friends. Get in a fighting match. I see the guys health bar deplete above his head as I plow an entire clip into him. I die, he has 100% health. On his end I never fired a shot. This is two aussies on an aussie server both with pings around 20.

As for Metro, the video seemed to suggest they've messed around with the map. More destruction, lights going out, elevators work. So it possibly will play quite differently. I do think it's a wasted opportunity, but i'm fine with them putting it on. I'm more annoying about Firestorm being added.

I'd also have rathered a Bad Company based map pack.
Posted 07:57pm 05/11/13
Badfunk, get rid of network smoothing and that should happen far less.

The more annoying thing imo is dying in 1 shot from someone. It's like instant death when you engage. Happens so often.
Posted 08:56pm 05/11/13
Badfunk, get rid of network smoothing and that should happen far less.

The more annoying thing imo is dying in 1 shot from someone. It's like instant death when you engage. Happens so often.
I'm suspectful that network smoothing as an option is half the problem, people with different settings interacting can never be a good thing.

With that stupid slider on 0% I often run around a corner and literally just die instantly, then I see someone start firing. It's ridiculous. Currently it seems like roll of the dice and pure luck as to who the server feeds the advantageous prediction to.

The infantry combat is so incredibly broken and you feel like you're playing against 32 clones of fatal1ty or some s***.
Posted 07:25am 06/11/13
I'm regional so my ping is rubbish... always 70 - 120 or more, so lag is always an issue. Haven't touch any of the network settings and mine runs fine. I get rubber banding, lag etc, but it's still easily playable and no where near as game breaking as most people go on about.

Looking forward to seeing these maps redone. The whole "levolution" thing seems pretty gimicky but it's pretty cool when it changes a whole level dynamic around. Keen to see how they integrate it into these old maps.

Tell you what though, some maps from BC2 would be EPIC... vote 1 for that
Posted 07:41am 06/11/13
My biggest issue is people playing like it's CoD. Work as a squad, forget your KD and your points will sky rocket.
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