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Post by Eorl @ 01:35pm 01/11/13 | 8 Comments
It wouldn't be medieval war without some head decapitations, and it seems like Creative Assembly is offering a helping hand in recreating the gory scenes of Roman warfare with the new "Blood and Gore" DLC for their strategy title Total War: Rome 2.
Blood & Gore brings the savagery of front-line combat to viscera-splattering life with decapitations, dismemberment and devastating impalements. Featuring hundreds of gruesome animations that play out in combat between multiple different unit types, the massed battles of Total War: ROME II will never be the same again.
The new DLC will feature a more refined particle system that is sure to deliver the gritty nature that you would come to expect from a movie like Gladiator or 300. Gore coats combatants, the ground will become soaked with blood, and you’ll hear every stab, slash and impact with bespoke new sound effects.

The DLC is now available on Steam for PC at a price point of $3, and you can find the trailer below for all your gory details.

total war: rome 2creative assemblydlc
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:43pm 01/11/13
That is a pretty damn cool trailer...
Posted 02:57pm 01/11/13
yeah that would be actual game footage too

f*** them asking cash for what should be a core feature of the game - u go stabby stabby of course there should be blood. And yeah its 3 bucks but its also a principle thing. They pulled the same s*** with shogun. They had blood DLC in shogun so why couldn't they have blood in Rome right from day one- its an established old feature - dont give me the "we couldn't have blood in the game for release because we had to do all this extra new work on it so thats why you have to pay the 3 bucks if you want it a couple of months after release".

i got the blood thing in shogun and tbh it wasn't that great as most of the time you need to be really zoomed in for it to make a difference so when you 1st get it your like wow look at that detail but after awhile you just go back to what is practical and zoom back out for better control of the battle

this nickel and dime you for re skins and stuff that should have been in the core game to start with is what makes DLC a bad word with gamers
Col Brooks
Posted 05:22pm 02/11/13
What Rulez said. I purchased it and it didn't even have to download anything. It was as if it just unlocked it which makes me suspicious like it was already in the game. Company of Heroes 2 is just as bad for skins. DLC is becoming a shameful money grab.
Posted 05:27pm 02/11/13
$3, for what would have been a cost in time and effort, and is a feature that some people wouldn't be able to use anyway

I think it is fair, and well done, (ps$10 would have been a rip, this is however token, and well done imo)
Posted 07:43pm 02/11/13
I picked it up with steam wallet spare change.

The reasoning for not having it in the release is that it changes the rating - Making it optional DLC means they can gore it up as much as they want, and the base game rating doesn't change.
Posted 09:36pm 02/11/13
or they could just have an adult playing this game option? tick to see gore or not kind of thing?

like i said its not the money amount. its the principle. and it was no extra work it was already in the game awaiting an unlock once u buy the extra dlc. its like buying a car and when u pick it up you notice 2 spark plugs have been taken out and when you complain they tell u the car still works but the other 2 are in a locked box in the boot and if u pay this much more they will send someone out with the key so u can use them

Tho im not exactly sure how the rating people think (like really. how some stuff gets rated and other stuff seems to hit a brick wall is generally obscure) so you may be right
Posted 09:39pm 02/11/13
It wasn't already in the game, it was patched in with patch 1.6, just before the DLC was released.
Posted 10:49pm 02/11/13
oh u mean the 1.6 patch that was to fix a bunch of broken stuff?

well if u pay full price for a game u expect them to fix it right but things like blood in a game about little guys cutting up other little guys has to be an added expense? That was in the free patch for everyone so everyone got it but only those who pay extra can use it? That doesn't make sense to me.

sorry in my opinion i just dont agree with that business practice. I supported it in the past but not this time.
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