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Post by Eorl @ 10:22am 31/10/13 | 14 Comments
As we pass the one month countdown until Sony's next-gen console falls into our laps, the console maker has revealed an extensive list of questions and answers to help those scratching their heads wondering what exactly the PlayStation 4 has to offer.

With most questions having already been answered in the past thanks to the extensive coverage on the next-gen consoles, a handful have caught many by surprise, namely no DLNA support for the PlayStation 4. Other decisions include no MP3 playback support, no external hard drive support and no support for dynamic themes or custom wallpapers.

The removal of DLNA support is one of the most obvious changes, a feature that was quite popular with the PlayStation 3 with the non-tech savvy users. Sony are also pushing their Music Unlimited subscription service for anyone wanting to listen to custom music while playing, a feature that was supported by default with Microsoft's Xbox 360 console which also included MP3 playback support.

Those looking at upgrading their internal HDD come the day of launch will be happy to hear that Sony are continuing their support for 2.5" sized hard drives, though at the moment replacements seem to be restricted to 5200RPM SATAII drives.

For the full FAQ check out the official website over here, and tick of another day on the calendar as we get closer and closer to the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4 in Australia on November 29th.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:25pm 31/10/13
well i'm disappointed. it doesn't look like it supports any of the media playback that i currently use my ps3 for.
Posted 12:40pm 31/10/13
If Sony supports DLNA for media playback then this is probably the first major blow to the console IMO. They were going so well too!
Posted 01:26pm 31/10/13
this gives me hope.

Shuhei Yoshida ‏@yosp

Thanks for the feedback to the lack of MP3 and DLNA support at the launch of PS4. I'll share with the PS4 Dev team for future consideration.
Posted 01:49pm 31/10/13
What is DLNA exactly? It's a bunch of guidelines established by Sony yet the PS4 won't use it...

What's an example of DLNA?
Posted 01:53pm 31/10/13
What's an example of DLNA?

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe its what lets you stream stuff to the console from your PC using programs like TVersity or PS3 Media Server
Posted 02:02pm 31/10/13
What is DLNA exactly? It's a bunch of guidelines established by Sony yet the PS4 won't use it...

What's an example of DLNA?

it's basically a certification so that any devices that have this should be able to communicate.

a really easy way to connect devices to stream without additional software or tweaks.

Example: XBox 360 is DLNA, PC/Windows Media Player is DLNA, TV is DLNA, connect all 3 for seamless streaming

to remove it is a bit strange if they expect people to integrate the PS4 in their home networks and use it as a central hub.
Posted 02:04pm 31/10/13
lol next gen console
Posted 02:11pm 31/10/13
this gives me hope.

The big thing I see from this is that it confirms they didn't even consider MP3 or DLNA support. Add in that they are going to now "consider" it for PS4 is just really bizarre. I can kind of understand the no MP3 playback support because of the push to use their Music Unlimited subscription service, but to actually get rid of a current-gen feature that many bought specifically for is kind of weird.
Posted 02:23pm 31/10/13
What's wrong with SMB?
Posted 02:36pm 31/10/13
What's wrong with SMB?

From what I understand, DLNA allows the server to potentially do some transcoding as well as a simple file read so the client can tell the server what codecs it supports. DLNA also apparently permits higher bitrates.

Additionally if your server does stuff like meta data (think Plex etc) then it can organise your media for you and record play counts etc (so you load the DLNA client and it know what movies / eps are new as the 'folders' exposed are dynamic).
Posted 02:42pm 31/10/13
On a side note it was finally confirmed today that Call of Duty 44 is running at 720p up-scaled to 1080p on XBone, and 1080p natively for PS4. Ooooh!
Posted 06:49pm 31/10/13
Yeah sadly, these are some features I wanted. PS4 was the only console I was considering to put next to my PC, Ill just stick with my PC now. Appears they didnt talk to gamers...Just the developers. Still its s**** on Xbone.
Posted 08:58pm 31/10/13
The lack of mp3 support is almost certainly to push people who don't know better to their "music unlimited" Compete and utter rip off at $US60 a year. I would also assume there will be tv/movie apps of some sort that have heavy limitations (streaming once) and regional based pricing (ie au gets ripped off cause no doubt they'll charge us more).

It's not that they didnt consider it. They did and just thought that they could get away with not having it.
Posted 09:08pm 31/10/13
You watch, they'll re-add those features due to public outcry and then just remove them later like they did with the ps3 and removing features.
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