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Post by Eorl @ 12:31pm 30/10/13 | 3 Comments
SimCity developer Maxis has revealed a new launch trailer for their second expansion to the sim-city building theme park, titled Cities of Tomorrow. Adding a number of various future-themed buildings to your catalogue, the new expansion is hoping that you have a Delorean to time-travel back to the future. Great Scott!
What kind of Mayor will you be in the Cities of Tomorrow? Will the city you build bask in the glow of a lush, urban utopia? Or will profits surge from the Simoleons generated by powerful corporate metropolises? As cities build to the skies and transform, can a balance be struck with both? It's up to you to decide in SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Expansion Pack.
One of the key buildings being added in the new expansion is the Academy, a thinktank of sort that will harbor a team of scientists ready to create the future including scientists nuclear fusion reactors to an advanced sewage treatment plant so your city can safely guzzle down that once-polluted water filled with three-eyed fish.

Of course it wouldn't be an expansion to SimCity without some disasters to help level that city you've put oh so many precious hours into. To help keep you on your toes, the new Cities of Tomorrow expansion will be adding in the giant robot attacking your city disaster. This giant robot will wreak havoc on your city in the only way a robot could, by stomping everything in its path.

Check out the launch trailer below which shows off the two new forms of city expanding, either going with the tree-hugging Academy for a greener future or the money-hungry OmegaCo set out to spoil your environment for quicker gains. You can find more information on the expansion at the official website.

simcitycities of tomorrowexpansionmaxis
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Agreed. They won't even listen to what we want. Fking arses.
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Agreed. They won't even listen to what we want. Fking arses.

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