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Continuing their yearly tradition of celebrating the spooky day of Halloween, Valve has today revealed new details on fifth annual "Scream Fortress" update, which has now gone live with a new Payload Race map called Helltower. Of course, not to be completely outdone, Valve has also added in the ability for everyone to wield magic. Yes, magic.
Claw your way through piles of musty books and skeletons while old people yell at each other about nonsense and get carried off to Hell! That's right, Team Feartress fans— we combined the terror of Halloween with the more muted and depressing terror of a retirement home, and accidentally invented an entirely new brand of horror! Then we realized listening to two old men bicker from beyond the grave isn't that horrifying, so we threw in a bunch of crazy spells you can cast at each other!
The new update gives players the chance to equip a spellbook to their character's Action Slot, allowing them to reenact Harry Potter and cast lethal spells against opponents. You'll be screaming in horror for sure, especially with the new Payload map making its way in the new update, tasking you with pushing a corpse-filled cart through a magic-blasted, skeleton-infested terrorscape to reach the infernal maw of a gaping Hellmouth. Spooky.

The update also includes over 100 new Halloween-themed items, fit for any hat collector who was in doubt at the size of their collection. For those who may be too busy battling the evils of Hell come Halloween, the update will be going through until November 11th so you'll have plenty of time to battle the evil spirits and cast some spooky magic. The full list of Halloween-related changes can be found here, which also includes a terrifying new comic to read.

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