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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:01pm 29/10/13 | 29 Comments
Yet another current and next-gen release is with us in review form today, though in this instance review pillager NachosJustice only absconded with a PS4 review build of the game.

So ACIII definitely divided critics, fans and gamers alike, and while it's hard to see if Black Flag will also do this at this point given this review is adhering to a global embargo, Nachos definitely swam away from his experience as Edward Kenway in very high spirits.

Check out his Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag review, you don't even need a map marked "X" to find it.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:26pm 29/10/13
I'll hook anyone who gets the news title post to this review, and its other meta component to the review subject, with some sweet swag :)
Posted 07:32pm 29/10/13
Rainbow beard? more colourful than Black Beard!
Posted 07:52pm 29/10/13
Wouldn't that be a gay pirate?
Posted 08:35pm 29/10/13
"Best interpretation and setting for the Assassin’s Creed recipe "

Are you jus saying this because ACII+BH+Rev got stale? Or is it actually more awesome than renaissance Europe?
Posted 08:36pm 29/10/13
When you said anyone, did you mean the first person? Because yeah... Rainbows, for the fashionable pirate.

Alternatively, since it's light, not paint, you could mix them all to get White Beard.
Posted 08:50pm 29/10/13
Either the rainbow beard pirate from Barney & Friends, or an online piracy joke?
Posted 09:49pm 29/10/13
Sanguinicus, I'm saying it because it is, in my opinion, the best application of the Ass Creed formula. The free running stuff works really well during boarding encounters, as well as on land. Sure, buildings are more spread out, but this adds to the challenge of the game, as you have to make use of bushes and trees (as in Ass Creed III) to stalk prey.
Posted 10:32pm 29/10/13
any updates on when this comes out on PC?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:27pm 29/10/13
Yeah anyone. No one's landed the meta joke (think more secondary than anything, like there are two elements that combine). Also, make sure you read Nachos' review!
Posted 11:31pm 29/10/13
Qmass, its set for November 22nd I believe. I'm super excited for this Assassin's Creed, three was a real let down with a terrible shoehorned story that could have ended hours ago and still hold the exact same premise. Hopefully the ship combat has been improved upon, absolutely loved that.
Posted 12:39am 30/10/13
Any clues Steve?
Posted 01:15am 30/10/13
Is the joke that none of the colours are the actual beard colour?
Posted 01:15am 30/10/13
"High Seas" 'cos Black beard has 'joints' commin' out of his hat!
Posted 01:42am 30/10/13
This might be way off, but is it a reference to sam and max, the alias of the money laundering guy!? Cause ubisoft are laundering with the same product over and over lol.

Or a reference to the guy who wrote a computer virus whos alias was both roygbiv and pirate roberts from princess bride
Posted 01:44am 30/10/13
I'll also probably get it on pc, when it's on sale. Could be OK, but not too keen after ac3.
Posted 02:31am 30/10/13
Was this a competition?
Posted 02:38am 30/10/13
ROYGBIV Beard + black beard = grey beard?
Posted 09:16am 30/10/13
Is it to do with your 'obvious affection for pirates' ?
Posted 09:59am 30/10/13
All that glitters ain't gold? There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or something like that?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:27am 30/10/13
All of these are awesome! (Not the one I had in mind though), will let you all know tomorrow what's up
Posted 11:29am 30/10/13
Is it to do with Muppet Treasure Island? Kermit the Frog sung Rainbow Connection, and was captain of the ship in Muppet Treasure Island. The ship is called the Hispaniola, which I can't really relate to anything.

It was mentioned in the review that you can find musical sheets that add songs to your crew. Is one a muppets song, possibly either Rainbow Connection or one from Muppet Treasure Island, such as "Sailing for Adventure" or "Professional Pirate".

That's as far as I can get on this train of thought.
Posted 02:54pm 30/10/13
It's not to do with the color tags used for the platforms at the top of the review is it? All the colours there are part of/and can be used to make the spectrum of colours in the rainbow(aside from the PS3 and 360 tags) with the backing element being the yellow. Something to do with a spectrum of platforms not that the current gen consoles are out?
Posted 04:20pm 30/10/13
-Occasional parkour stuff-ups (at the worst times)
this has been a problem since the first game, and Ubisoft has spoken about it a few times.

-Enemies still attack one at a time
In ACIII this was not the case. Sometimes two or more enemies would attack you at once, allowing you to do a double counter.

-Enemy ships patiently wait while you board another
Well what do you expect? You board the ship while your ship is getting blown to hell. Also if they are allies they would risk hitting their own ship. It would be VERY hard and ultimately turn people off boarding ships if it was like that.
Posted 05:14pm 30/10/13
Richard of York gave battle in vain.

Richard of York (Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, 6th Earl of March, 4th Earl of Cambridge, and 8th Earl of Ulster) was a great-grandson of Edward III.

Characters name is Edward.

In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, there is a contract mission in London City, entitled "Pretenders", where the Assassins are to "naturally" kill Margaret of York on behalf of Henry VII.

Any closer?
Posted 06:03pm 30/10/13
sir isaac newton was alive during the golden age of the pirates and he also created his own colour wheel (ROYGBIV). within the lore of the assassin's creed games, the templars used and influenced his works to further their own goals.
Posted 07:54pm 31/10/13
So, Steve, what's the go here? How far off were we all?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:53pm 01/11/13
Man, a lot of you came up with some cool s***, even cooler than what my original was. I'll contact the people who did well in this privately and send some swag your way :)

The ROYGBIV thing was me poking fun at pirates named after beard colors. The fact that there are seven colours and seven seas was like bonus meta. That was it. Sorry for not making it as deep as most of you did, but hey, that's why the AG community rules!
Posted 12:07am 02/11/13
haha none of us were even close.
Posted 12:28am 02/11/13
The first reply was rainbow beard, which is dead on.
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