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Indie developer Theory Interactive has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for their time-bending puzzle game Reset, showing off the title's moody atmosphere and its single-player co-op play.
It’s been a long time coming but we are finally ready to show you what Reset will be all about as a game. We were going to start a crowdfunding campaign along with the release of the teaser today, but unfortunately there will be some delay in launching the campaign. We are so sorry that you still won’t be able to give all your money to us. That will change soon, we promise!
You may be scratching your head wondering how a single-player game can be co-op, considering it takes more than one person to be "co-op". Well the way Reset works is that when approached by a puzzle that just can't be solved by yourself, the player character's powered exosuit is used to "jump" through time to bring a second set of powered arms to help complete the task.

The trailer also showcases the game's environments, giving off a very empty feeling that you are alone in this deserted city. The player, known only as "Zero-Two," carries out his or her tasks in the midst of a futuristic city that has suffered some sort of calamity; the streets are empty and giant screens on the sides of skyscrapers display garbled images and warnings.

Check it out below and head over to the official website for more on this very interesting indie title.


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