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Post by Eorl @ 10:26am 29/10/13 | 5 Comments
Unveiled earlier this year, Nvidia's free-to-use video capturing software ShadowPlay has now been made available in beta form thanks to the latest 331.65 drivers.

The new software comes alongside the launch of GeForce Experience 1.7, a new program that allows users to automatically optimise game settings depending on their graphics card. Currently ShadowPlay is only available to GeForce GTX 600 and 700 Series GPUs due to the use of the built-in H.264 encoder.
First and foremost, GeForce Experience 1.7 introduces ShadowPlay, a free, fast, easy-to-use, gameplay-recording module that allows you to record video of your gaming’s most exciting moments and share it so the whole world can stand in awe of your gaming prowess. By utilizing this hardware encoder, ShadowPlay’s impact on game frame rates is far lower than that of traditional recording applications, which can place great strain on the CPU. With higher frame rates you enjoy smoother gameplay, and by encoding in H.264, ShadowPlay avoids the humongous multi-gigabyte .files associated with other applications. This saves space, but more importantly reduces stutter by avoiding unnecessary hard disk thrashing.
In addition to ShadowPlay, GeForce Experience 1.7 also adds LED control for any LED-embedded GPUs, allowing control on brightness, flashing, and pattern displays.

To get started using ShadowPlay, you'll need a 650 or higher GPU, and simply download the newest drivers to activate the program. You can check out the full features over at the official blog post, detailing a bit more on how to utilise the new software.

Nvidia has also been busy announcing new price cuts for their GTX 770 and 780 GPU cards, with US prices of the GTX 770 to drop from US $499 to $329, while the GTX 780 will drop from US $649 to $499. No word on whether Australia will gain the same benefits, but expect at least a small drop in price.

It isn't just price cuts that Nvidia are in the news for, with AnandTech reporting that the newly announced GTX780ti will be launching come November 7th and coming in at a USD$699 price point, "placing it USD$200 above the GTX 780 and USD$150 above the 290X." The word is that the GPU is running fully enabled with 2880 cores but retains its 3GB VRAM, leaving a space for the Titan to serve people who require high amounts of VRAM, or raw compute power (thanks Ph33x).

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Posted 10:27am 29/10/13
You cut my grass.

Now I'll cut my arms. :(
Posted 10:33am 29/10/13
Mine looks prettier :)
Posted 10:40am 29/10/13
Only because you talk about flashing LEDs and bright, pattern displays.

Posted 11:21am 30/10/13
it's alright, but it doesn't record with a 6DOF gadget enabled just like Dxtory or Fraps

which means it's still not as good as a black magic design hdmi-loop shuttle recorder
Posted 04:14pm 30/10/13
Talking about one of these Trillion? 350$ seems like a fair whack to record a game video...
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