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Post by Eorl @ 11:01am 26/10/13 | 0 Comments
With the launch of the PlayStation 4 gaining traction as we close in on the November 29th release date for Australia, Sony has revealed an in-depth look into the next-gen console's first firmware update - 1.50.

Interestingly, the first commercial update will actually be activating quite a number of features that Sony has been touting over the past few months since its reveal back in February, including PlayStation Vita Remote Play and the even more basic ability of playing Blu-ray and DVDs. While its obvious that production for the PlayStation 4 console was started at least a few months ago - meaning the firmware would have been at a very basic level - its still intriguing that a feature like Blu-ray support will not be on the device until after the firmware update.

Weighing in at a not-so-large 300MB, the update will be available on launch of the PlayStation 4, so for those who are looking to wrap it up for Christmas may want to quickly open it up and apply the update just to be safe. Those especially looking to play any multiplayer games upon launch will be wanting to download the update as it enables the use of said service, though now you'll need a PlayStation Plus subscription for online usage.

Another odd addition to the firmware update is the activation of the background music player, which initially doesn't sound so bad but Sony has revealed that if you want to listen to some Ke$ha you'll have to actually subscribe to Music Unlimited, Sony's cloud-based music service. While the Xbox 360 and presumably the Xbox One enable playing of your music on the HDD, Sony seems to have opted to not allow such a feature, at least for now.

For the full details on what to expect come launch day for the PlayStation 4's first firmware update, swing by the PlayStation Blog. Let us know your thoughts on the day one update in the comment section below.

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