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Post by Eorl @ 03:04pm 25/10/13 | 13 Comments
With the launch of the next-generation consoles closing in as the days go by, the battle for which console takes over your living room is only just starting to heat up. To help poke at the flames, Sony has entered the ring with a new commercial aimed at wanting PlayStation 4 to be your next-gen console choice.

Titled "the best place to play", the new ad shows off exactly what you can expect from the November 29th launch, including a large list of exclusive titles sure to make your wallet cry out in pain. Interestingly the ad also notes that both Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and the now-delayed Watch Dogs include 60 minute exclusive content, both 6 months exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Other details include over 180 games in development for the next-gen console, and a roll call of 14 Sony-owned studios bringing out 24 PlayStation 4 exclusive titles. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming next-gen console war in the comments.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:08pm 25/10/13
If I get a new console it will be the PS4. Xboned doesn't have a chance with me.
Posted 10:22am 26/10/13
ps4 for the casual gamer
PC and Xbox for the competitive,
I mean fifa 14 all COD's and battlefield the skill drop off in the ps4 community is severe
Posted 05:24pm 26/10/13
i've always been a playstation guy, but this time i'm going xbox. just because i have more friends getting it.
Posted 05:33pm 26/10/13
Since Microsoft rolled back all the bulls*** DRM it has become a difficult choice. I have a 360 but there are a bunch of PS3 games I want to play that will no doubt be available on the PS4 online service. But then I'll miss out on Forza, Killer Instinct and who knows what else.

The only solution is to buy both!
Posted 05:40pm 26/10/13
PS4 for Naughty Dog. Probably the only console games worth playing (assuming the next MGS goes to PC).
Posted 05:48pm 26/10/13
Nice commercial, but not enough to make me cancel my xbox one preorder, unless in some alternate dimension somehow Killer Instinct becomes a PS4 exclusive (lol).

This is what i've preordered so far:

Xbox one Console - $600
Xbox one arcade stick - $250
Xbox Live day one membership with Shadow Jago - $80
Killer Instinct Ultimate Edition: $40

$970 for just one game and there's no backing out now I'M KNEE DEEP IN THIS S*** NUGGAH F** I"M SUCH A CHUMP!
Posted 06:36pm 26/10/13
Pretty sure the next MGS is on both consoles.
Posted 09:32pm 27/10/13
tez how do you know? you played the ps4 online already? lol

I will eventually end up getting both consoles. Only for their exclusives. PC for everything else.
Posted 09:38am 28/10/13
I'm more interested to see what develops around the rumors that some Xbone titles will be running at only 720p, when the PS4 will be running at 1080p.

It's all over the place at the moment with embargoes on reviews until midday at launch in the US or something crazy like that.
Posted 10:10am 28/10/13
Not trying to stir up an argument but what's stopping Microsoft from selling millions of Xbox Ones.... THEN bringing the DRM s*** back with an update?
Posted 10:19am 28/10/13
unless in some alternate dimension somehow Killer Instinct becomes a PS4 exclusive (lol).

Was excited for killer instinct but lost it soon after when they mentioned that you have to pay to unlock each character. F** Dat.

I'll probably buy a ps4 around launch and then an xbox one a few months after.

My 360 has been the least used console even more so towards end of the generation where as my ps3 has consistently been a favorite since the day i brought it home.

That's only with me though, the younger gamers in our house love the xbox and swear by it as the best console ever. I can see why, if I was between the age on 10-20 id be all over it as well.
Posted 10:38am 28/10/13
I'm more interested to see what develops around the rumors that some Xbone titles will be running at only 720p, when the PS4 will be running at 1080p.

Yeah, I heard that rumour too, but its hard to tell truth from fanboyism at this point. It was COD I heard it about too, which seemed especially odd seeing as they're in bed with MS and its being pushed hard for XBone.
Posted 11:03am 28/10/13
It's hard to tell truth from fanboyism because there's a review embargo, and Microsoft has forbidden from doing comparisons between the games on both consoles (apparently).

I'm curious, if something is getting a significant amount of press and speculation prior to the launch, if it was false why wouldn't you come out and say, um, guys, it's running at 1080p, k thks bye. Surely keeping quiet is only going to hurt them.
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