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Microsoft has revealed in a recent Twitch livestream that their next-gen console's new achievement system has the ability to colour-code pop-ups in local multiplayer games in order to help clarify exactly who received said achievements.

During the Twitch stream an example was shown at the 11:15 mark in the video, a definitive change to the previous Xbox 360 notification of a light appearing around the logo corresponding to the controller. In the demo, the player unlocks an achievement with a blue notification and also offers more information on the achievement by holding down on the Xbox logo button. In the new system players will also have the chance to choose their own specific colour that will fill the achievement pop-up.

For more on the new Xbox One achievement system head over to Major Nelson's blog post.

In related Xbox One news, Eurogamer is reporting that the new Kinect 2.0 sensor won't require users to stand as far away from the sensor, hopefully opening up the opportunity for those with not so adequate living rooms the chance to experience the new camera.

The new details have emerged from a leaked Brazilian Xbox One manual (via NeoGAF) that suggests player sshould stand at least 1.4 meters away from the sensor. Take into account that the original Kinect sensor suggested roughly 1.8 meters of space and its easy to see the difference.

Kinect 2.0 also sticks with the previous height of the old Kinect, suggesting a resting place between 0.6 meters and 1.8 meters maximum.

The Xbox One and its new Kinect will be launching in Australia on November 22nd.

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