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Post by Eorl @ 11:45am 24/10/13 | 11 Comments
When the popularity of Dean "Rocket" Hall's original DayZ mod for ArmA 2 hit a high time, developer Bohemia Interactive decided it was time to create a standalone title to help encompass and deliver on a more sturdy version of the popular survival title.

Fast-forward to a year in development, with several developer blog posts and a number of Twitter conversations, and anyone could tell you that DayZ Standalone's release has been a long time coming, but it might have to wait just that little bit longer. PCGamer are reporting that a recent database entry in Steam suggested that the game may be coming ever closer to Early Access, however creator Dean Hall has stepped forward to help clarify on the situation.

"So, to confirm,” he reveals to Joystiq, “there is no release date announcement and we’re 100 percent focused on getting the alpha out the door." Asked about whether there was any internal release date, Hall gave no specifics but simply noted that "core network architecture" is holding up the release.

With all the teasing of a brand new world to explore, hopefully one day we'll see DayZ Standalone appear in our hands, but until then we'll just have to sit back and wait.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:55am 24/10/13
He needs to just hurry the f*** up and release it. It's almost been a year now! I WANT ME SOME PROPER DAYZ NOT MOD ACTION!

Nothing else I've played in that style of game has come even remotely close to capturing what DayZ mod has. The fear and adrenaline from moving from town to town avoiding zombies and players. Crossing paths with players only to wonder if they are friendly or enemy. Hunting players, being hunted. Amazing.

My most memorable moment was when I was going to one of those castle ruins with a friend and got in to a firefight. My friend died, but I managed to hide. I talked to the guy and told him that we were friendly. I had the vantage point so I got him to disarm and move to the middle of the ruins and turn around. I murdered him in cold blood. Got so much awesome stuff.
Posted 12:28pm 24/10/13
Honestly I think everyone lost interest. DayZ is an amazing mod no question and I love it but when it takes significantly longer to release than what was intended and now not being able to stick to any time frame assisted in people not really caring anymore.

I'll get it when it comes out, in the hope that I get the same experience when I first started playing the mod.
Posted 01:48pm 24/10/13
Same. I love it, but its dropped off the radar because of the delay after delay after delay.
Posted 02:01pm 24/10/13
Lol same DayZ was great a the time, with significant potential. Unfortunately that potential is taking far to long to realize and I've lost interest. I have other upcoming games that will satisfy the itch so I doubt I'll be getting DayZ at all, unless they have done some magic putting more game into it.
Posted 02:48pm 24/10/13
I don't think I will be getting it: The DayZ port to Arma 3 (Zoombies) is already leagues ahead of the Arma 2 mod.

The best part was the simple installation and the fact that the launcher is separate to Arma 3... so you could play either without having to edit launch options.

Has Arma 3 controls, lighting, weather, sounds, ballistics and smooooottthhh gameplay... but its still in Chernerus with all the same elements from the A2 mod.
Posted 04:36pm 24/10/13
Yeah Rocket has really kicked himself in the c*** on this one, to little too late.
Posted 07:28pm 24/10/13
F*** that i'll play the game when its released.

goddamn sooks
Posted 07:50pm 24/10/13
What a pack of fickle whiners.

Oh no, he took his time to have a life and is trying to release a stable, finished product. LETS B**** AND MOAN.

It's attitudes like this which are responsible for the endless parade of rushed, buggy and incomplete games we are getting.

The irony of course being that, the same people who think DayZ took "too long" would be on the forums screaming bloody murder if it was released earlier but in less than pristine condition.

Effing kids.
Posted 09:00am 25/10/13
Two things that have spoiled game releases these days is telling people when it'll be ready and alpha/beta/early access releases.

Back in the good old days, games were just released. They had a demo (FREE DEMO, not paid for.. f**** sake) and if you liked it, you bought it. Games were just released and it was fine. If it needed a patch, it got patched. All this early access s*** has destroyed what was a perfectly fine way to release games. Well, that's my opinion on it anyway.

Rocket did shoot himself in the foot by giving release dates and time frames. He isn't a bad guy and it's not his fault for wanting to make a better game. Yes, he should have communicated things a bit differently but should he have released it a year ago? Hell no!

There aren't enough game developers like him around these days who are willing to sacrifice their reputation initially and sit on development until it's actually ready to be released. They're all about pushing a game out super early and making people pay for a s*** version of it. Just the way of it now. There are dozens and dozens of examples here. Just look at the Steam Early Access page. That Cube World game is a PRIME example. It's a POS and was charged out.
Posted 09:06am 25/10/13
Agree. Look at Battlefield. 5 DLC's revealed before the game even comes out, twice in a row.
Posted 10:07am 25/10/13
How can you argue with the companies that do that.

People keep buying that s***, the companies are basically being told by their paying customers: S*** yeah, we love this keep doing it.

You might not like it, but apparently several million other people disagree enough to buy the product.
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