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Post by Eorl @ 04:03pm 23/10/13 | 4 Comments
Grand strategy title Total War: Rome 2 has gained its first new DLC pack since launching back in early September, with developer Creative Assembly offering up the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack for free to owners of the game between now and October 29th.
The Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack adds a new playable culture comprising three new playable Factions to Total War: ROME II, for use in Single or Multiplayer Campaign modes and Custom and Multiplayer battles.

The Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack enables ROME II players to take on the ancient world as the ruthless Roxolani, the independent Massagetae and the proud Royal Scythians. Accomplished raiders and legendary horsemen, the Nomadic Tribes are poised to sweep from the steppes and strike at the soft, sedentary targets of more established empires.

Defined by their independence, their excellence on horseback and their ability to swiftly assemble large armies, The Nomadic Tribes bring an entirely new cultural flavour to ROME II.
"We’ve had more gamers playing ROME II, and for longer, in its first month than any other Total War to date. We are going to continue to work on gameplay feature balancing with our community who have been hugely helpful in feeding back on the game," says Mike Simpson of Creative Assembly.

"Offering this DLC for free for the first week it’s on sale is a celebration and a small thank you to them for helping us make this the biggest TW yet."

To nab yourself this sweet deal just head to the Steam page and "install" the DLC to have it added to your account and continue your rampaging across the greater continents of Earth.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:43pm 23/10/13
You cannot add this to your account if you do not own the base game, unlike the Saints Row 4 GATV Pack when it was free. Loops back to Steam home
Posted 05:18pm 23/10/13
You cannot add this to your account if you do not own the base game,

I am confused by this comment..

Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack for free to owners of the game between now and October 29th.

on the plus side i will be getting the pack tonight!
Posted 06:09pm 23/10/13
Didn't see that. I meant that in the way for people that may buy it some day. That way they would have still got the free DLC
Posted 07:15pm 23/10/13
yay happy face

ive pretty much played all the other cultures to end game so some new dlc is welcome
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