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Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has revealed the third content update for their Halloween celebrations in Tyria, with the addition of a new challenge called the Tower of Nightmares coming October 29th.
Some new trouble is growing in Kessex Hills. Carefully hidden by magic, the krait have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before in Tyria. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are investigating the illusory curtain that’s cloaking part of Viathan Lake, and they need your help! What secret lies behind the veil?
The new challenge will task players with teaming up to discover how to destroy the tower as well as unmask the unnamed allies helping along the krait's plans, with suggestions from ArenaNet that the Tower of Nightmares will also tie into Guild Wars 2 lore enabling it for further use outside of the thematic update.

Along with the update ArenaNet are also adding in a new universal healing skill - Antitoxin Spray - that will be available to all professions. The skill will cleanse yourself and nearby allies of poison, torment, confusion, and toxin. Completing the Tower of Nightmares "meta achievement" will also net players a Krait Obelisk Shard artifact to place in their homes that will "serve as a place of power for earning a skill point or charging Quartz Crystals."

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