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Post by Eorl @ 12:55pm 22/10/13 | 4 Comments
If you've been left confused wondering whether you've actually finished Galactic Cafe's The Stanley Parable, a first-person adventure game that doesn't quite know whether it is Stanley or whether it isn't, don't worry as more than 100,000 other people are surely just as confused.

In a new post on their official blog, developer Galactic Cafe has given a very in-depth postmortem on the release of The Stanley Parable, revealing that the game has sold more than 100,000 copies since its launch late last week. We aren't sure if this is the money ending, but its great news for the independent studio.
First up: The Stanley Parable just crossed 100k units sold! This is a lot more than we were expecting, and the shock of a successful launch may have been one of its biggest challenges. Some of the repercussions of this success is affected by business decisions we made 18-24 months ago, long before we ever thought this was going to make any real money! First and foremost, this taught us a single and invaluable lesson: do not expect success, but be prepared in case it happens.
The full blog offers a breakdown on just where the studio believes all the success has come from, especially the very elegant demo that left anyone playing bewildered but wanting more.

Currently The Stanley Parable is available on Steam for PC, however the game's creator, Davey Wreden, revealed to GameInformer that a Mac version is in the works and will be available soon.

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Posted 01:38pm 22/10/13
picked this up last night after reading a few reviews - going to give it a crack tonight! :)
Posted 03:52pm 22/10/13
I don't get/or understand the love for this
Posted 04:30pm 22/10/13
You love the game or you don't really. I absolutely loved it, the witty humour and play on how video games are now with transparent choices and meaningless decisions makes for a fun game.
Posted 05:00pm 22/10/13
Ok, cause i played the demo, and yeh it was somewhat funny but I found it pointless and just a waste of time almost. It was like playing portal without the universe, the portals and a less funny glados.
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