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In a brief Q&A-style interview with the New York Times' Bits Blog, EA executive Frank Gibeau has confirmed that the publisher's upcoming mobile slate includes a new small-screen offering in the popular Battlefield franchise. Responding to the query "Can a game like Battlefield really be enjoyable on a smaller screen?", Gibeau had the following to say:
You can play Battlefield on a tablet in commander mode. We are working on a mobile game of Battlefield that will be high-end and high-performance. It’s our bet that we can successfully pull that off. But we’re embarking on something no one has ever done before — to get these games to inter-operate between platforms. Will it work? It already has in some cases. Will it work for all franchises? Not all franchises will make the transition. Battlefield might be a little harder.
Gamespot points out that a mobile Battlefield game is likely to be using the recently revealed Frostebite Go tech that EA's mobile division has been developing for iOS and Android platforms.


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Posted 12:02pm 22/10/13
Cross platform Battlefield between Android and PC users?

Score padding time. :)
Posted 02:00pm 22/10/13
that will be awesome, i could see me playing some battlefield 4 commander mode in my lunch hours :)
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