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Post by Eorl @ 10:36am 22/10/13 | 10 Comments
With the PlayStation 4 getting ever closer to its launch in Australia and the UK come November 29th, Sony has revealed a new video that is sure to bring back some nostalgic memories.

Focused on the evolvement of the PlayStation brand in the UK, the video was inspired by a recent hashtag #PlayStationMemories which trended worldwide, giving an insight into the fond memories that many of Sony's gaming fans had.
This is the main kick off – a bit of nostalgia before we look forward to PlayStation 4, the biggest in our history. We’re proud of our heritage and how much PlayStation has meant to gamers growing up. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are about to join us, hopefully everyone can relate to at least a little part of this.

In terms of the film, each section is representative of the whole era, lots of details even down to the dates on the ticket stubs, the magazines and the electronics help bring this piece to life. As we move into PlayStation 4 – the bike, the clothes and many of the items that haven’t actually been released help us look to the future.
While the video may be set in the UK, the video still gives the impression of change over time and teases at the possibilities of the next generation. Check it out below.


Latest Comments
Posted 11:27am 22/10/13
To think it's almost been 20 years.
Posted 11:41am 22/10/13
that brought back a few childhood memories.
Posted 11:42am 22/10/13
That was actually really cool.
Posted 11:44am 22/10/13
I am confused as to why the black kid in the video has that comb type thing sticking out of his hair for the entire video. The 80's called, they want their hipster comb back.
Posted 11:51am 22/10/13
he only wore it during the ps1 bit.
Posted 11:55am 22/10/13
still at home in 30s?
Posted 12:18pm 22/10/13
I like it. I was a PS1 owner at one stage and i distinctly remember that soothing sound when the logo first appears..
Posted 07:47pm 22/10/13
I like how the PS3/PS4 had less and less games on the floor.So few games worth $100 ? :P
Posted 09:21pm 22/10/13
And PS4 was single player game with one controller. No-one wants to game with their mates in the same room anymore :(
Posted 10:49pm 22/10/13
This video has taught me one thing...

Always remember to check out your appearance in the mirror before playing video games.
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