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Post by Dan @ 01:55pm 21/10/13 | 6 Comments
Australian Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) has released the Digital Australia 2014 report, a study it commissioned Bond University to analyse the demographics of videogames in Australia, and the wider impact of interactive entertainment in the country.
The key findings of the Digital Australia 2014 report include:
  • More than just entertainment – The top reasons older Australians (aged 51 and over) play games is to keep their mind active, challenge themselves and learn. Coincidentally, these reasons were identified as some of the least popular for younger gamers (aged 16 to 25) who instead choose to play games for social interactions, thrills and to relieve boredom.
  • Digital games on the rise, yet consoles still played by the majority of Australians – The report reaffirms the growing popularity of digital games with the number of Australians playing games on a tablet device doubling to 26 per cent in the last two years. A further 47 per cent of Australians play games on their smartphone device, up from 42 per cent in 2011. Interestingly, game consoles are still used by the majority of Australians with 63 per cent of households using a console to play video games.
  • Technology convergence drives video game consumption – Australia’s interactive games market has reached full market saturation due to the convergence of technologies. With many devices now offering the functionality to play video games, Australians are able to engage with interactive games anywhere, anytime. Nearly nine in ten gaming households in Australia own three or more screens to play games.
  • 76 per cent of gamers are over the age of 18 – This figure has increased over the years as adults continue to form the large majority of gamers in Australia. In addition, the average age of the typical gamer has now reached a plateau at 32 years old. This aligns closely with the average age of the Australian community which according to recent ABS census data is 37 years old[1].
  • Seven in 10 parents use video games to educate children – This number is also consistent with the previous Digital Australia report, as more parents play video games themselves and understand the benefits. This year, the report also found that 81 per cent of mums play video games and 83 per cent of dads play.
The report paints a picture of gaming's ubiquity, and in contrast to previous studies in 2005,2009 and 2012, concludes a wider social acceptance of the past-time in Australia, and a reduction in moral panic.

Check out the infographic below for a quick overview, and hit up the complete PDF document from IGEA for a richly-detailed 30-page breakdown on videogames in Australia.


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Posted 11:50am 22/10/13
Another report where "gamers" include people who play casual / facebook games on a phone when they have a wait time at the doctors office.

I'd be more keen to see what the stats on ACTUAL gamers are. Y'know, the ones who actively say their hobbies include gaming, not "I use games to kill 5 minutes".
Captain Lateral
Posted 01:28pm 22/10/13
Digital games on the rise
i'm confused, they seem to think that digital games are smart phone games?

I thought analog games were board and dice games, not console games.
Posted 02:00pm 22/10/13
I think the subject's "7-10" isnt correct if its meant to mean '7 out of 10'.

I'd be more keen to see what the stats on ACTUAL gamers are. Y'know, the ones who actively say their hobbies include gaming, not "I use games to kill 5 minutes".

Agree. I dont have anything against casual mobile phone gamers but that would include my GF who occasionally plays fruit ninja and i hardly would classify her as a 'gamer' the way most people view gamers.

I loled @ the games reduce stress part. They obviously dont play dota.
Posted 03:14pm 22/10/13
I think he meant a total of 7 to 10 Australians game on.

I could be wrong though.
Posted 03:29pm 22/10/13

why catch feelings on the term "gamer". I imagine there are just as many hours being sunk into candy crush as there is dota.

Lateral - digital distribution
Posted 12:23am 23/10/13
"gamers" is a really loose term. more so than ever before. Recently even people who play Call of Duty were labeled "not gamers"

Players of Call of Duty are more likely to play in a "casual game space" according to developer Infinity Ward.

In an interview with OXM, Infinity Ward producer Mark Rubin explained why he didn't see the arrival of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 having much of an effect on the Call of Duty community this year. "Regardless of platform--people's gaming habits aren't going to change just because there's a new platform," he said.

"We have an enormous amount of players who are more in the casual game space, but they play a lot."

Many Call of Duty players are frequently playing the FPS series, but are unlikely to class themselves as hardcore gamers, or even gamers at all, added Rubin


personally i dont mind that the evidence says "gamers are averaged at 32" because too many people still think gamer = "12 year old screaming into a mic in some FPS". which is wrong,,, kinda

the facts are anyone who is a gamer can tell if someone else is a gamer in about 1 min of actual conversation but really why get bent out of shape if the term "gamer" has become almost something with no meaning? does it matter?
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