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Post by Dan @ 11:36am 21/10/13 | 9 Comments
Over the weekend, at a multi-day event in Montreal, Nvidia revealed a new display technology they're calling G-Sync, an innovative new product that it says will alleviate the problems of screen tearing and micro-stutters when implemented as a hardware solution that will come pre-installed in a new range of monitors from a number of manufacturers, as well as a "module you can install yourself" on what seems to be a limited number of supported monitors starting with the popular ASUS VG248QE.

Essentially, the tech provides better two-way communication between a PC graphics card and the output display, syncronising the framerate without the drawbacks of software VSync. The GeForce blog has a detailed explanation of the traditional problem and G-Sync's elegant solution, and some encouraging quotes from a few of the game's industries most respected graphics programmers:
NVIDIA G-SYNC is so smooth and so fast, that testers have found themselves overshooting and missing targets because of the input and display lag that they have subconsciously accounted for during their many years of gaming. In addition to pro-gaming testers, we demonstrated G-SYNC to industry luminaries like John Carmack, Johan Andersson, Tim Sweeney, and Mark Rein. Mark, co-founder of Epic Games, was so enthused he couldn’t resist a teaser, telling his followers that he “saw the most amazing thing made by @nvidia. No, it's not a GPU, but gamers will love it.”

Tim Sweeney, creator of Epic’s industry-dominating Unreal Engine, called G-SYNC “the biggest leap forward in gaming monitors since we went from standard definition to high-def.” He added, “If you care about gaming, G-SYNC is going to make a huge difference in the experience.” The legendary John Carmack, architect of id Software’s engine, was similarly excited, saying “Once you play on a G-SYNC capable monitor, you’ll never go back.” Coming from a pioneer of the gaming industry, who’s also a bonafide rocket scientist, that’s high praise indeed.

Tim and John are established game-engine gurus; fast approaching that status is Johan Andersson, DICE’s technical director, and architect of the Frostbite engines that power several EA titles. As a man known for pushing the boundaries of technology, we were keen to shown Johan G-SYNC.

Following the G-SYNC demo, Johan simply said, “Our games have never looked or played better,” adding, “G-SYNC just blew me away!”
Hit up the geforce blog for full details.


Latest Comments
Posted 11:44am 21/10/13
John Carmack also said something along the lines of "I didn't think the difference would really be that big, or important, but this is one of them times I can say I'm happy that I'm wrong."

I'll be buying a 27" 144Hz Asus panel with one of these as soon as it comes out as part of a reconfig of my s***.
Posted 11:55am 21/10/13
I hope they implement this into large screen TVs, the input lag is horrible
Posted 11:57am 21/10/13
Input lag on TV's is usually horrible when you run a game in 100Hz+ modes. TV's mostly come with 24Hz inputs, 3 out of 4 frames are extrapolated.
Posted 11:53pm 21/10/13
So your saying that if I am playing on my tv I cant get over 24hz?
Posted 12:05am 22/10/13
Can I get some back yard spark to fit these to my vg278h's?
In al honesty I really don't see the need, input lags in surround is minimal and stutter? What's that..
I'll admit I haven't read up on g-sync but seems like a bit of fluff to me..
Posted 09:21am 22/10/13
Audi, I think there was mention of having the cards available for you to install yourself, or perhaps some kind of external box or something.

Who knows, though. That's just the rumour mill afaik.

But yeah, will def be buying a 120/144hz monitor with this when it's reasonable to do so. Now, here's hoping it's not limited to only Nvidia GPU's...
Posted 10:42am 22/10/13
So your saying that if I am playing on my tv I cant get over 24hz?

Is this sarcasm or a serious question?


I think you need the new model of VG screen which has the expansion port for G-Sync. I don't think it can be added to the 2012/2013 panels. (Multiple brands are coming together for this, and I seriously doubt all panels happened to use the same expansion board before the advent of G-Sync.)
Posted 11:26am 22/10/13
nVidia FAQ:




modified ASUS VG248QE’s

^ I assume that's after the fact.

Expect this to cost between $150-200. Also, this won't help in situations where you have a 60Hz G-Sync screen and the card renders at say 80fps. You'll need a 120Hz panel for this to work properly. (And even then, if you are rendering above 120Hz, this won't help)

For the best G-Sync experience, it'll be GPU / Game = A frame rate range which must be below monitor refresh rate.
Posted 06:21pm 22/10/13
you are one, with the computer.....
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