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Post by Eorl @ 12:42pm 18/10/13 | 24 Comments
Valve has revealed their latest beta patch notes for update 6.79 of their free-to-play MOBA title DOTA 2, bringing with it a large laundry list of changes that include tweaks to the game's meta and of course various heroe fixes that is sure to upset someone's day.

Some of the more prominent changes coming in this new beta and eventual release patch include 25% of the remaining respawn time being added to your next death after a buyback, ranged heroes gaining the same deny XP as melee heroes, starting gold increased from 602 to 625 and a movement speed increase of 350 from 300 for animal couriers.

For the full list of patch notes check out the DOTA 2 beta thread and expect the patch to hit sometime within the next week or so after testing on the beta client of the MOBA (which is open to all).

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:25pm 18/10/13
A f***tonne of changes. Highlights IMO:

* Swapped the medium pullable Neutral Camp with the small camp
* A neutral creeps camp will no longer spawn the same set of neutral creeps twice in a row
* Day/Night length decreased from 6 to 4 minutes
* Roshan will respawn at a random time between 8 and 11 minutes after death
* When Aegis expires unused, it heals the hero fully over 5 seconds (regen dispels on damage from players or buildings)
* Can no longer orb-attack while attack restricted (such as Ethereal or Frostbite) (huskar fixed????)

Many heroes now have dodgeable spells/stuns that was previously not the case.
Axe - Culling Blade no longer goes on cooldown if it successfully kills a hero
Bloodseeker - Thirst is now global instead of 6000 range
CK - Chaos Bolt damage and stun values are now inversely related
Enigma - Added Aghanim's upgrade: Adds Midnight Pulse damage to your Black Hole. This damage stacks with Midnight Pulse.
IO - Tether now does a -100% MS/AS slow instead of a stun
Luna - Eclipse Scepter beam count limit per target removed
Nyx - Impale no longer has unit targeting, it is now only a point targeted spell
Pudge - Can now use Blink Dagger
Pug - Nether Ward now requires 3 hits to kill instead of 75/150/225/300 HP (heroes hurt it for 1, others for 0.25)
Riki - Riki is no longer revealed out of Permanent Invisibility when he casts spells or uses items
Rubrick - Rubick can no longer steal the Aghanim upgrade of the enemy if they have Aghanim and he doesn't
Rubrick - Added Aghanim's upgrade: reduces cooldown from 20/18/16 to 5, increases cast range from 1000 to 1400 and makes all stolen spells be considered to have their Aghanim's upgrade
SK - Removed Mortal Strike active
Skywrath - Added Aghanim's upgrade: reduces Mystic Flare's cooldown from 60/40/20 to 20/10/0
SB - Nether Strike now uses 1.2 Cast Time instead of a 1 sec magic immune delay (can be interrupted as a result)
VS - Can now use Blink Dagger
Viper - Poison Attack cooldown reduced from 4/3/0/0 to 0 (mega harass early game)
WR - Focus Fire remains sticky on the target you cast it on

Boot upgrades movement speed changed.
Courier - Movement speed increased from 300 to 350
Courier - HP increased from 45 to 75
Armlet - Unholy Strength has no toggle on or off cooldown
Bottle - Gold cost increased from 600 to 650
Dust - Slow increased from 10 to 15%
Flying courier - Cannot be purchased until 3 minutes after creeps spawn
Gem - Gold cost increased from 850 to 900
Linken's - Linken's Sphere can now be cast on an allied hero to transfer the buff
Obs ward - Duration increased from 6 to 7 minutes
Sentry ward - Duration increased from 3 to 4 minutes
Sb - Shadow Walk cooldown increased from 18 to 28
Smoke - Smoked units are now always hidden until the buff is removed (rather than being hidden only from minimap and partially from world)
Tango - Charges increased from 3 to 4
Tango - Gold cost increased from 90 to 125
Tranquil boots - Big rework
Posted 02:11pm 18/10/13
pretty big mixup with the jungle. not being able to pool regen onto carries. increased ward cost but increased passive gpm. I don't really feel either way about these changes; will just have to wait and see what they're like.

what I do like: no orbs in eth form ie cya ghost scepter huskar you f*****.
what I don't like: slark ulti can't be revealed by any form of true sight. f*** that.

also the changes to bloodseeker sound kind of retarded. oh and blink now available on pudge, as if he wasn't annoying enough in underwarded pubs xD

oh yeah and no cd culling blade should be hilarious.

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Posted 02:22pm 18/10/13
The new changes f*****g rock. The meta was getting a bit comfortable, and this will mix everything up.

I cannot wait to see what teams like Navi, Alliance, DK do with these changes.

People are speculating that this might be the end of DOTA1 parity as some of these features can't be ported to the WC3 engine properly.
Posted 02:35pm 18/10/13
Havent played dota myself for more than 2 weeks. Got over playing with randoms and only have 1 mate that i normally play with.

S*** like the tranquil boots rework will really affect early game over certain heroes like ursa, axe, PL who used to use the boots for early game HP regen then disassemble for later game items.

Jungle changes seem pretty major 2 with less exp for many of the creeps. I'll have to also check out exactly what camps have been swapped. Are we talking the small camp and the camp that often gets pulled into lane? If so, i wonder how that will affect jungle heroes and lane pulling.
Posted 03:19pm 18/10/13

Did they change it so it's fun to play now?
Posted 05:35pm 18/10/13
yeah, the easy and pull camp are swapped. pulling will be harder because the timing is different and you'll need to stack it more times for it to clear your creep wave. also means jungling heroes won't be able to get their first couple of levels from clearing/stacking the easy camp at 1minute. or they'll just have to f*** the safe lane for a little bit while they farm it.
Posted 05:40pm 18/10/13
Posted 06:10pm 18/10/13
sb nerf not enough imo.
Posted 11:29pm 18/10/13
I have to say I hate this thread.
Was all excited so I picked Enigma and rushed ags scepter only to realise update hasn't gone through yet :(
Posted 11:40pm 18/10/13
I have to say I hate this thread.
Was all excited so I picked Enigma and rushed ags scepter only to realise update hasn't gone through yet :(

Lol. Did you not see that tangoes had not gone up in price?
Posted 12:33am 19/10/13
nope was too excited to notice. Then copped so much crap for the rest of the game. OMG why buy ags for?
Posted 12:43am 19/10/13
Is there even a single bug fix in this patch?
Posted 05:10pm 21/10/13
They've added 12 more patches so far to the test client over the weekend.

- Fixed various tooltips
- Fixed Armlet Toggle still having a small cooldown
- Fixed Bloodseeker getting slowed down by haste
- Fixed Level 4 Sprint duration being slightly too low
- Fixed clients visual FoW not being updated properly with Darkness
- Fixed Brewmaster Primal Split units and Call of the Wild Legacy Keys
- Fixed multi target style attacks lifestealing from each hit under Vampiric Aura
- Reverted Flying Dragons change for now
- Added Legacy Key support for neutral Ogre Magi
- Fixed some items not always working during Omnislash
- Fixed visual effect duration on Scepter Static Storm
- Fixed Primal Roar not showing the cast animation
- Shadow Amulet tooltip fix
- Fixed Sound FX for Netherstrike
- Fixed Riki sometimes revealing himself briefly when casting
- Tweaked Roshan respawn timer visuals
- Fixed some tooltips
- Fixed Meat Hook not tracking the original pull position for purposes of pathing allowance in the restricted areas
- Removed extra glaives of wisdom buff icon
- Fixed various issues with Omnislash
- Fixed some vision skills disabling Shadow Dance passive when ultimate is active
- Fixed Smoke interaction with shared vision
- Pathing for Meat Hook/Swap is now removed once the hero leaves the stuck area
- Fixed Rubick being unable to steal the Boar from Call of the Wild
- Fixed Stolen Scepter upgraded Blackhole not doing Midnight Pulse damage
- Fixed Stolen Scepter upgraded Primal Split not having the secondary abilities
- Fixed gold command not working after buyback
- Fixed Liquid Fire not showing the visual effect while off cooldown
- Fixed Exorcism spirit count
- Fixed level 2 Chemical rage being 45 instead of 40 movement speed
- Fixed other wards gaining Poison Sting if Venomancer is on the same team
- Fixed Stolen Plague Wards not having current Poison Sting level
- Fixed Shadow Dance interaction with Thirst
- Fixed Meepo units having different respawn times with buyback penalty
- Fixed Omnislash to disallow Blade Fury instead of silencing him
- Fixed Exorcism being capped at 23 spirits

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Posted 03:54am 22/10/13
6.79 is now live
Posted 11:15am 22/10/13
Pretty good overview:

Didnt pick up on the broodmother web changes.
Posted 12:43pm 22/10/13
This is awesome news. The current state of dota felt broken to me.

Can't wait for pudge + blink dagger action. Dunno why it wasn't possible from day one.
Posted 01:35pm 22/10/13
Can't wait for pudge + blink dagger action. Dunno why it wasn't possible from day one.
First thing to come to mind would be because whats to stop a Pudge blinking into trees and hooking enemies. They wouldn't have had the ability to escape before, but by adding free movement on impassable terrain this would change that right? Or does the free movement only apply to the ledges?

Posted 01:55pm 22/10/13
Or does the free movement only apply to the ledges?

The vid i posted above showed free movment thru ledges and trees.

They wouldn't have had the ability to escape before

I dont get why pudge and VS couldnt blink cause rubrick, magmus, DS and a few other heroes all can make enemies get stuck in impassable places. As for escaping, i really think everybody should have a TP after the first 5 or 10mins of gameplay (probably even less for pro players).
Posted 06:37pm 22/10/13
Ooooh new matchmaking ready sound and you dont have to keep clicking join game when someone drops.
Posted 08:00pm 22/10/13
I like the 7min wards. I reckon this is to ensure that the first batch of wards last at least until the 6min rune. F*****g used to hate when playing mid and the nubs would plant the ward before 0.00 meaning it would run out before the 6min rune.

Also like the shorter day/night cycles. Makes for more ganking chances earlier in the game if no FB yet.
Posted 09:06pm 22/10/13
The new match found sound is horrible. I can't even hear it when alt tabbed.

I like and hate this patch. It's fun having all these new changes, but goddamn, I can't seem to win a game today. Most of my team either doesn't know about the changes or is using builds that are now useless because of item changes.
Posted 11:00pm 22/10/13
has the controls for denied creeps change? i am unable to denied my own creep
Posted 11:57pm 22/10/13
The new match found sound is horrible. I can't even hear it when alt tabbed.

so far I've lost 3 out of 3 with the new patch so something is terribly broken
Posted 08:08am 23/10/13
Agreeso far I've lost 3 out of 3 with the new patch so something is terribly broken

It's not broken. It's just incredibly different. Took a while to get used too, but I think now it's better than ever to not be a carry. Laning is a lot more risky with the "safe" lanes now being a lot further away from the tower and the pull camps are now replaced with easy camp creeps.

My losing streak is over. Semi-carry is where it is. Windrunner for lyf.
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