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Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has revealed a new update through the PlayStation Blog on where his team's PlayStation 4 timed-exclusive puzzle adventure game, The Witness, is currently at. According to the post, players can expect the game to take anywhere between 25-40 hours to complete, a very large jump from its original eight hour reveal back in February.
The Witness takes place on an island full of puzzles. The island is an open world; you can go anywhere you want, and the game does not try to force you into a linear path. For the past couple of years, we have had the island mostly built in a gameplay sense, and we were trying it out, moving things around, developing location concepts, tweaking puzzles. At this point, most of that stuff is figured out, so we are now going through all the areas of the island and detailing them.

Just the other week, we played through the game from start to finish, to get a fresh perspective and to see everything that is here (because when you are working on a small piece of a game for a long time, it becomes very easy to get tunnel vision and to see only that small piece). Originally I had meant to design an 8-hour game, but The Witness is more like 25-40 hours depending on how much you play (some of the game is optional!)
Blow also went into a bit of detail on the technical side of The Witness, stating that the game will "run with a smooth and solid frame rate, making the graphics look as nice as possible, and ensuring that the streaming system loads things quickly."

"We wrote our own engine for this game, so on the one hand, it means we get to do a lot of work; but on the other hand, it means we have precise control and can tweak it carefully until it is the highest-quality experience we can deliver."

Of course it wasn't just the game's world that was given a detailed analysis, with the team at Thekla also unveiling several new screenshots showing off the breath taking environments that you'll be coming across in The Witness. Check them out below.

The Witness will be available as a timed-exclusive for the PlayStation 4 sometime during its launch window.

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