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Post by Eorl @ 12:14pm 17/10/13 | 8 Comments
SimCity developer Maxis has shown off a detailed look at its second expansion for the sim-city building theme park, Cities of Tomorrow. Adding a number of various future-themed buildings to your catalogue, the new expansion is definitely looking to the future for all its ideas.

One of the key buildings being added in the new expansion is the Academy, a thinktank of sort that will harbor a team of scientists ready to create the future including scientists nuclear fusion reactors to an advanced sewage treatment plant so your city can safely guzzle down that once-polluted water filled with three-eyed fish.

It isn't just buildings that the expansion will be adding, with an all new disaster to keep you on your toes: a giant robot attack on your city. This giant robot will wreak havoc on your city in the only way a robot could, by stomping everything in its path.

All this and more can be found in the new developer walkthrough video, which you can check out below. Cities of Tomorrow is due to launch for PC and Mac via Origin on 12th November. Those looking out for hope of a offline mode may be in, with Maxis looking to implement a SimCity offline mode sometime soon (thanks EuroGamer).

maxissimcitycities of tomorrowexpansion
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Latest Comments
Posted 01:53pm 17/10/13
So can I build actual cities yet, or is it still Sim Suburb?
Posted 02:27pm 17/10/13
So can I build actual cities yet, or is it still Sim Suburb?

they said couple of weeks ago they looked at making the it bigger but it required to much resources and ppl computers couldnt handle it so decided not too
Posted 04:02pm 17/10/13
Sim Town then. They should really rename it.
Posted 04:17pm 17/10/13
I dunno those massive skyscrapers look sick, really fit in with the small city size theme.
Posted 09:31pm 17/10/13
Those 'cities' are like the size of Sheperton or something...
Posted 10:15pm 17/10/13
Posted 11:21pm 17/10/13
i haven't bothered to log into the shard on the Antarctica server i had plonked a town in, this blade runner shtuff looks cool as bru

tbh it was becoming a totalitarian nightmare of a place for the sims to have to exist in though. the crime rate was high. the mugging's mysterious. all police and detectives were furious.

because they couldn't find the source, of the lethally evil force
Posted 11:53pm 17/10/13
9.4/10 is pretty f***en wild, not that I read reviews with scores any more anyway...
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